02/22/10 Aunties Visit


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We had a lovely weekend visiting with Megan and Katie. Juliana hit the 6 lb mark last week, and she continues to demand food regularly. She has even started growing out of her preemie-sized clothing. Amazing!

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Today we began our new schedule of many, regular doctor visits. We will continue to see specialists at the University of Maryland to follow up on Juliana’s health. Today we met with her opthamologist, Dr. Soni. He checked her eyes for any residual ROP and found that she is 100% cleared! This is such a blessing! Although he told us 2 weeks ago that her eyes looked good, he still wanted to follow up to be sure. He wants to see her in a few months to check for nearsightedness, a common outcome for ROP babies.

Upcoming appointments include another pediatrician visit here in Hagerstown, and then back to Baltimore for a surgical follow-up, orthopedic follow-up, and NICU follow-up. We will also be receiving home health care nurses and physical therapists regularly to make sure that Juliana is progressing as she should with her growth. So far, she is a superstar (as already noted).

We continue to be thrilled with our home experience: we love bathing her, feeding her, and snuggling with her all day long. We are blessed to be warm and cozy and together.

Juliana received her first Valentine’s Day rose (from Grandpa and Grandma Minner), and she is slowly being introduced to many new sights and smells here at home.


02/10/10 40 Weeks and Home!

Images of the first days at home:

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How can we possibly express how good it is to be home? Here are some highlights:

–holding her and cuddling with her WHENEVER we want!
–24-hour quality time
–no tubes, alarms, or other people around (although we loved our NICU nurses!)
–a lovely banner from the wonderful Class of 2012 on our garage, welcoming Juliana home
–4 feet of snow
–eating and cooking in our own kitchen
–sleeping in our own bed
–internet access

As the days go by and we get established into more of a routine, you can expect more pictures and updates. For now, we are learning how to sleep while constantly watching over her and enjoying just being together. Thanks to everyone for your many prayers and well wishes. We’ll keep you posted!