Our Busy Holidays…

This holiday season was fun and busy. After a whirlwind exam week and finishing my grades, we headed to Tennessee to visit with ALL members of my family. It’s a new thing to have everyone in one place! After that short visit, we had a lovely Howe dinner and tree lighting to attend, a birthday/New Year’s Eve party, a lovely visit from Paul and Alita, a miniature HVA reunion, many many many games of indoor soccer, and some major rocking on RockBand. Going back to school yesterday was actually a bit of a relief. But, of course, the hectic HVA life is keeping me busy. I’m working on a Warren Miller fund raiser for next Saturday night, starting rehearsals for the senior class play, and hoping to have some snow for an upcoming trip to the farm. Oh, and did I mention that I’m going to Scandinavia with the music tour for Spring Break? It never ends…!! 🙂 Oh well, I’m not funny (like Jason), but I’m trying to keep you posted. Here are some highlights of our vacation:

I like to call this series “Santa got plowed over by a reindog…” (maybe you all have some better titles for it…)