No more funny money

As of today, Canada will no longer be the butt of currency related joking. The dollar has been sinking for the past few years, but today my attention was grabbed by the following:

1.00 CAD


0.999149 USD

Yes folks, the Canadian dollar is now par with the American dollar, and will probably be worth slightly more in the next day or so. The last time the Canadian dollar was worth more than the U.S. dollar was November 25, 1976. Here’s a handy list on how this will affect your lives:

  • Vacations to Canada will no longer feel like a great deal. In the past, we’ve put up with lackluster trips to the great north because hey, it’s cheap. There’s no excuse now to put off that Mexican vacation.
  • Lumber and beaver pelts now out of our price range.
  • Influx of Canadian tourists. Aboot time, ay?
  • Books will no longer have the U.S./Canada price difference on their spine.
  • No more thrill in using Canadian nickels to beat the man at toll booths. emot-argh

I guess I could talk about how this is helping U.S. exports and the trade deficit and blah blah blah… No, I think my list covers all we need to know.