Happy Birthday Jen!

Jen’s birthday is today! We had a fantastic party yesterday and celebrated with all of our friends. (Pics forthcoming). She still has some surprises left today, but pictures will be posted soon.

UPDATE: Thanks to my adoring public, I have felt the urge to put some pictures up. However, I did not approve of most of the pictures taken of me, so I have found 2 for your viewing pleasure. The third is of what was going on behind my back while presents were being opened. Apparently Sophie was very interested in dessert.

If you check back very soon you will see a brand-new (Yes folks, that’s BRAND NEW) update about senior survival which is coming up this weekend. Up until now there hasn’t been much exciting stuff to take pictures of. But be prepared for the deluge…. 🙂


Class of 2008 T-shirt design options

Dear Class of 2008: These are the designs that you liked the best out of the catalog. Now, you need to look through them and choose one that is your favorite. Remember that they will say Highland View Academy and 2008 or 08 where there are other names or numbers now. Please either comment on this page (via the comments link: just click it, add the numbers, and write your comment) or email me by Monday, August 6. At that point Mr. Herr and I will just decide which one to choose if we haven’t heard from you. Thanks!! mydesign2.jpg




School Prep

Jen’s summer is almost over, and she’s been starting to spend a lot of time at the school getting ready for next year. She insisted on bringing Sophie with her, and she’s quite tan from our trip to the Outer Banks. Here is a snapshot I took of her as she went to school yesterday:

Jen going to school

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