Jack Nicholson is serious business

Jennifer: you’re a smarty
Jason: i think i’ve got the soft touch
some people call it the “shining”
all I know is… AAAH AXE ATTACK!
Jennifer: hahah
watch out
Jason: don’t worry, I lost em in the hedge maze
he’s probably freezing to death in the snow right now
oh crap, it’s MAY

Our Crazy Weekend


We had a whirlwind trip to St. Louis to celebrate Kelly’s graduation from a strenuous one-year accelerated nursing program. She did a fantastic job!! It was fun to spend time with family and hang out in the cool city. It was Jason’s first time to see the arch. Very cool! Also cool: Yogi Berra had the graduation address for the St. Louis University graduation. He pretty much just read a script of all his Yogi-isms. Like “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!” Still, quite interesting. Ben Carson was also given an honorary degree from SLU.



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Ice Cream is serious business

Jennifer: we just got back from having an ice cream truck come to the school for everyone to get an ice cream
Jason: insano
Jennifer: it’s “student appreciation week” now
Jason: out of the blue huh
Jennifer: it was playing the ice cream truck music and everything
well, the SA officers decided that they wanted to do some cool stuff for the students this week
and they got permission
Jason: man, I want to hijack an ice cream truck
Jennifer: haha
Jason: remember in the movie “Heat” where they take a semi-truck and ram the armored truck
Jennifer: yeah’
Jason: and it knocks over sideways and they all run out
and take all the money
imagine that
except with ice cream