The Beauty of Spring

The following are some pictures from the beautiful springtime of western Maryland. The rainbow indicates that you can find a pot of figurative gold by attending HVA…field.jpgflowers.jpggroup.jpgflowers2.jpgwalkway.jpgflowerrainbow.jpgcloseup.jpgpotofgold.jpgrainbow1.jpgbestone.jpg

Finished blog….

Okay peeps, you can visit the entire account of our England trip on my HVA webpage (, but here are a few choice pictures from the trip.queen.jpgavebury.jpgstonehenge2.jpgstephen.jpgcastle3.jpgclimb2.jpgeye.jpgshakespeare.jpgavon.jpgeye3.jpgeye2.jpgparliament.jpgparliament2.jpgbritmuseum.jpgjen.jpgjen1.jpg

I’m home…

Hey guys…I’m home safe and sound!  I am working on a webpage for the trip.  You’re welcome to visit, but just remember that it is still in progress.  I only have a few days done so far.  Also, when I finish that, I will put some pictures up on this website.  Check it out: