Comments are FIXED

For some reason, the comments pages are broken. I am looking at what I need to do to fix it.

Update: Apparently, 1&1 updated the database server behind their blog and it screwed up the comments. At this point, I am looking to backup what we have on here and load up my own version of WordPress and maintain it myself. Chris has given me excellent directions on what I need to do, I just need to find time to do it. Until then, even though I have some interesting tidbits to post, I will hold off until I get the new system in place.

Mega Update: Procrastination wins! They updated whatever they needed to update and it’s working again. I still want to do the WordPress thing though.

Philly, Part 2

The conference rolled on today and went really well. We gave out a bunch of UltraCamp t-shirts last night and most of our clients wore them today as walking advertisements. It was very cool, and we got a lot of attention from it. These shows are very tiring, and by the end my feet were aching. Our display was a snap to take down and we were back in the hotel at no time. Our display was really cool. Imagine a curved 8-foot high by 12-foot wall with a giant superhero kid towering over the left side. It was imposing. Once we got back to the hotel, it was time to just zone out for a few hours. Eventually, hunger struck and we unsuccessfully tracked down Lee’s Hoagie House. According to Chris, they make the best hoagies in the world. Unfortunately, this particular location was closed. So we had cheap chicken teriyaki from a place in this mall we found. Oh well. Tomorrow, we shall conquer Pat’s King of Steaks. Tomorrow we get to sleep in and just chill before we head out to the AACP convention at Daniel Davis Camp near Allentown. I hear they have wireless internet there. We shall see.

Philly, Part One

This week I am in Philadelphia for the Christian Camping and Conference Association National Convention. I will be manning a booth and meeting with a lot of potential clients over the next few days. It should be a lot of fun and we will get to explore Philadelphia while we are here. We? Yes, Dan and I are cohorts again on these expeditions. So far we have:

  • Ripped off Marriott for 1 hour of parking (we didn’t mean too!).
  • Moved into our nice studio apartment-looking hotel room.
  • Ate at Quiznos because Chris hasn’t given me his dining guide yet. emot-argh
  • Procured ice cream for our kitchen.
  • Hooked up our room with mega electronics. It looks seriously suspicious, like out of a movie, man.

I can give more details on any of these items if queried. We have our first bit of the exhibition at 9PM tonight through 10:30. I’m not looking forward to being up so late, but I’ll manage. Then it’s 9:00-3:00 tomorrow and free time all Thursday. But we’ll get to that part of the story later won’t we.


“I can’t do it anymore.” Those words were spoken presciently by Jennifer’s grandfather Thursday. Jen’s grandmother thought he was talking about getting up and into his chair, but he meant it in a more general sense. He passed later that afternoon at the age of 91.

It’s hard to imagine at our age being tired of living, but it often happens. Jen’s grandparents lived their whole lives out in California. They moved out here in the last year and a half to live in an assisted living home when they couldn’t take care of themselves anymore. I imagine being away from everything you ever knew would be discouraging, especially if you knew that you would never return.

Tomorrow morning we will meet to celebrate his life and say farewell. I can’t say I really knew him very well, but I will be there.

Judge Payne

I am a judge at this year’s HVA talent show.

I went in the gym tonight to look at the setup and saw the judging table front and center. From what I’ve seen on TV and in movies, judging is serious business. I’ve thought of a couple styles I can reach for:

Judge DudeOld-tyme Judge – This style requires a wig with some sort of curlers embedded inside and some sort of sheet/robe combo thing. Plus a tiny croquet mallet. I guess I can pound the table if things start to get out of hand and yell “Order! Order in the court!” I will also need to procure a baliff, and that might be hard at short notice. The best part about this style is that particularly bad acts can be sentenced to medieval type punishments. “How dare you sing LeAnn Rimes! Break them upon a wheel!”

Judge DreddJudge Dredd – This style requires an awesome futuristic helmet. I like how the visor will shade my eyes from the glare of the spotlight. Unlike the old-tyme judge, I can be judge AND executioner. If any of the acts displease me, I can shout “I am the law!” or “I’ll be the judge of that!“. I can also shoot at people with my futuristic firearms, which while boring, gets the job done.

SimonJudge Simon – This style requires a black t-shirt. I like how everything that is performed for me will be sub-standard and completely lacking in talent. If any of the other judges disagree with me, I will make disparaging comments about their intelligence and discernment. This style doesn’t have any cool weapons except for a sharp wit.

Sleepy JudgeSleepy Judge – This style requires Ambien. Only the best acts will wake me from my slumber, and they will be richly rewarded by my heavy-lidded attention. This style is probably the safest for the performers on-stage, but is pretty boring for the judge.

Well, that about wraps it up. I’m looking forward to some decent entertainment tomorrow night.

One Ring to Rule Them All

Frodo MinnerLast night around 10 I received a phone call from Katie. Did she want to talk to Jen? No, she wanted Jen to get on the other line. I immediately knew what was going on. You see, many years ago, nine years ago actually, I made a very similar proposal on the 4th of July. What was yesterday? Election Day. I think the implication is clear: Minner women have a weakness for American holidays.

As you can see from this picture taken last night, Katie doesn’t realize that there are no Starbucks on Mount Doom.

Congratulations Katie and Justin!

Voting Guide

The election is a few days away, so I thought I would write a small voting guide for those of us in Western Maryland so that we can make an informed decision about all those smaller offices that we don’t hear too much about.

Question 1 Constitutional Amendment – Yes

Basically, the Governor cannot sell off public land without the approval of the Assembly. Since public land decisions effect all Marylanders, I support this amendment.

Question 2 Constitutional Amendment – Yes

They made a new court that handles appeals. This amendment standardizes the appeal process throughout Maryland, a good thing.

Question 3 Constitutional Amendment – Yes

This will raise the amount of money needed to qualify for trial by jury in civil suits. Less jury duty is a definite yes.

Question 4 Statewide Referendum – No

This one is complicated. Parts of the referendum have been found unconstitutional. The one part that bothers me is the addition of same-day voter registration. Basically, you can walk up to the polling place, register to vote, and vote all at once. I think this will invite abuse.

Sheriff – Rich Poffenberger

The Sheriff race is between Douglas Mullendore and Rich Poffenberger. They both are very qualified. Mullendore is currently the chief deputy of the sheriff’s department. Poffenberger is with the Maryland State Police. They both have very similar ideas on crime prevention and the increase in gang activity in the area. However, I prefer Poffenberger because of his pledge to increase communications between police agencies in our county. I think he could really get the state police, the local police, and the sheriff’s department working together in a coordinated fashion.

County Commisioners – Barr, Brightman, Hardin, Kercheval, Wivell

This is usually a hard one to figure out because there are many candidates. This group balances fiscal responsibility with controlled growth in the county. Yeah, you will probably have to write down there names or else forget in the booth!

Orphan’s Court – Incumbents

Honestly, it’s not that hard a job. Might as well go with the people who have experience.

Board of Education – Callaham, Powers

I’m not sure how many you get to vote for but these two are for increased trade education and more physical education requirements respectively. Sounds good to me!

Okay, that should get you through tomorrow. I didn’t put any of the statewide stuff on here because you probably already have a preference. It’s these local races that are tricky anyway. Hope you enjoyed this list, and feel free to print it out for your voting pleasure tomorrow!

Oh yes, and if you disagree with any of my choices, leave a comment and influence people your way! Maybe you will change my mind as well.

Lost… or are they?

LostWell, it’s almost time for our favorite show. With week of prayer at the school this week, and our overall busy schedules, I didn’t have the time or motivation to create one of my famous alcoholic culinary delights. However, we may provide some sort of brownie for people to munch on while we watch the show. I am still enjoying the show, even though the flashback structure can sometimes be lame. Really, if we didn’t have these group gatherings each week, I would just have the computer record it and fast-forward through both commercials and most of the flashbacks. Anyway, people will be arriving any minute! Ta!