Job Interviews are Serious Business

Chris: hope so

going to be a pretty technical interview

those always scare me a little

Jason: any questions you don’t understand, just say “That’s classified information”

Chris: lol

Jason: then cross your arms and stare

works every time

Chris: “how do multiple threads communicate using mutexes?” “sorry. that’s classified”


that’ll work

excellent advice

Jason: you could also use the classic “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you”

Chris: and then follow through

tell them

then kill them


Jason: If you don’t follow through and murder them, they probably won’t hire you

there is nothing inconsistent about that statement

Chris: ‘zactly

can’t show them i’m a liar

Jason: they appreciate follow-through

Chris: and if they don’t, then i don’t want to work for them

Mexican Food is Serious Business

Jason says:
i have some big news
dbashley1 says:
you’re going to be a daddy
Jason says:
no, this is much more serious than that
dbashley1 says:
Jason says:
Right next to Best Buy…
Jason says:
Opening in 2 weeks
Jason says:
dbashley1 says:
best buy…
Jason says:
in hagerstown
Jason says:
the best buy they are building next to walmart
dbashley1 says:
there isn’t a best buy
dbashley1 says:
they are building one?
Jason says:
yeah, there is, it’s almost finished
dbashley1 says:
next to walmart?!
Jason says:
okay, I guess you get 2 pieces of good news
dbashley1 says:

Class of 2008 T-shirt design options

Dear Class of 2008: These are the designs that you liked the best out of the catalog. Now, you need to look through them and choose one that is your favorite. Remember that they will say Highland View Academy and 2008 or 08 where there are other names or numbers now. Please either comment on this page (via the comments link: just click it, add the numbers, and write your comment) or email me by Monday, August 6. At that point Mr. Herr and I will just decide which one to choose if we haven’t heard from you. Thanks!! mydesign2.jpg




Jack Nicholson is serious business

Jennifer: you’re a smarty
Jason: i think i’ve got the soft touch
some people call it the “shining”
all I know is… AAAH AXE ATTACK!
Jennifer: hahah
watch out
Jason: don’t worry, I lost em in the hedge maze
he’s probably freezing to death in the snow right now
oh crap, it’s MAY

Ice Cream is serious business

Jennifer: we just got back from having an ice cream truck come to the school for everyone to get an ice cream
Jason: insano
Jennifer: it’s “student appreciation week” now
Jason: out of the blue huh
Jennifer: it was playing the ice cream truck music and everything
well, the SA officers decided that they wanted to do some cool stuff for the students this week
and they got permission
Jason: man, I want to hijack an ice cream truck
Jennifer: haha
Jason: remember in the movie “Heat” where they take a semi-truck and ram the armored truck
Jennifer: yeah’
Jason: and it knocks over sideways and they all run out
and take all the money
imagine that
except with ice cream