Thank you

Hello Everyone. This is Jen. I haven’t been on the internet much, but Jason reads me every comment from each of you. We may never have an opportunity to reply individually to each comment, but I wanted you to know that you all have given us so much encouragement. Your prayers and support mean so much to us, and we feel uplifted with every comment we read. We have just been overwhelmed with the support from our family who has been here to help us through this, our dear friends who have traveled long distances to be here, and our church/school community for the outpouring of love and food and housecleaning, etc. Those of you at a distance have covered us with your prayers and I believe that God is answering them.

To Jennifer C and all my students: your love and prayers and cards mean so much to me. I miss you each. Keep praying for the babies!

To Monica and others who have shared your personal stories: thank you for the encouragement. You have given us hope and we’re clinging to it.

Although we are devastated by the loss of Eden, we continue to praise God for each day of life that He gives Juliana and Zoe. They are truly miracle babies and it is our wish that their lives will be continued testaments to the power and love of God. Please continue to uplift them in your prayers. I know that He has big plans for their lives. I can’t wait for the time when all of you can meet them and hold them.

You all have been an example to us of the true meaning of church. Even though we are separated by so many miles, we are all a part of a beautiful community of fellowship and prayer. We humbly thank you for the love and friendship you’ve shown us. We are eternally grateful and we love you all.

Juliana & Zoe

We took these pictures yesterday. Please just view them here and not repost them to FB, email, etc. Click for bigger pictures.
This is Juliana.
This is Zoe.

Birth Announcement

Our 3 girls were born on October 25, 2009 by emergency C-section after 24 weeks and 4 days of gestation.

4:22 PM – Juliana Skye 1 lb. 5 oz.

4:23 PM – Zoe Janine 1 lb. 2.5 oz.

4:24 PM – Eden Aurelia 1 lb. 3 oz.

Eden was born with a tracheoesophageal fistula and sustained a catastrophic brain hemorrhage the next morning. She passed away in our arms October 26 at 10:40 p.m.

The Subaru’s Big Moment

Yes folks, it’s time! We bought our lovely WRX nearly 6 years ago. Since then it has served us so well! We love our zippy car (and so do the others who get to drive it–those of you who have, you are special, rare people and should count yourselves blessed). Today at 2:58 p.m. on my way into town (on Mt. Aetna Road by the golf course and Black Rock Estates), the car hit 100,000 miles. I video-recorded the big event, and also took pictures.




First Day Report

So, the first day of school went well. Here’s an update:

1. 120 friendly and cooperative kids = SO much more manageable than 145 (with the same number of adults!)
2. Free Chipotle is a great first-day-of-school present
3. Teaching only one class per day because of orientation is super relaxing
4. Faculty-student softball games are only fun if they’re competitive. Nobody likes a blowout (especially when it’s the adults beating the students)
5. Nobody wants to be in school in August
6. Changes to the uniform are always a big hit
7. The school will never again this year look as clean as it did at 7:25 this morning, five minutes before the doors opened
8. Walking to school on a gorgeous morning as the sun rises over the mountain and the birds are chirping is a great way to start the day
9. Taking care of an order for new Microsoft Office 2007 textbooks for a class of 32: $2500
10. Starting work again after a relaxing summer and knowing that I love my job and am following my calling: priceless

Sophie Minner Fulfills Lifelong Dream

So, Sophie is a mixed animal. She has been discovered to be part cat, squirrel, raccoon, weasel, rabbit, and now mountain goat. The other night she fulfilled her dream to stand on the top of the office door. She always wants to get up high, and this was a beautiful moment for her: she connected with her mountain goat roots.soph2.jpgsoph1.jpg

HVC Treasurer

I have accepted an offer from the Highland View Church to become the new church treasurer. As you may know, our former treasurer, Darlene Crowley, was killed in an automobile accident just a few weeks ago. Since then, the church has been trying to find a replacement for this critical position. After a lot of conversations with different people and introspection, I have felt called to take up this work. I know that there is a fair amount of work involved in the position, but I’ve been looking for a way to step up my involvement in the church for some time. There will be an obvious transition period in the beginning, but I think it’s going to go well.

Happy Birthday Jen!

Jen’s birthday is today! We had a fantastic party yesterday and celebrated with all of our friends. (Pics forthcoming). She still has some surprises left today, but pictures will be posted soon.

UPDATE: Thanks to my adoring public, I have felt the urge to put some pictures up. However, I did not approve of most of the pictures taken of me, so I have found 2 for your viewing pleasure. The third is of what was going on behind my back while presents were being opened. Apparently Sophie was very interested in dessert.

If you check back very soon you will see a brand-new (Yes folks, that’s BRAND NEW) update about senior survival which is coming up this weekend. Up until now there hasn’t been much exciting stuff to take pictures of. But be prepared for the deluge…. 🙂