03/23/10 Cutie Pie

Juliana has started grinning at us, in obvious response to our smiles and talking. She is so precious! Her hemangioma seems to be healing. The specialist at Johns Hopkins prescribed an antibiotic ointment and predicts that it will resolve itself in a few weeks. That’s great news! She weighs over 8 lbs now and is starting to sleep for 4 hour stretches occasionally.

juliana-march-329a.jpg juliana-march-349a.jpg juliana-march-393a.jpg juliana-march-402a.jpg julianacard.jpg juliana-march-403a.jpg juliana-march-483a.jpg juliana-march-486a.jpg juliana-march-550a.jpg

15 thoughts on “03/23/10 Cutie Pie

  1. Ooooh! I get to be first! 🙂

    She’s so cute, you guys! I keep hoping I’ll catch you on a walk some time when I’m driving through the campus!

    You are blessed!

  2. What a miracle baby Juliana is! I’m sure that’s such a special blessing to you.

  3. Cute, cute, cute! I love the second to the last picture where something caught her attention off camera. It really looks like she’s being coy. hehe!
    I was hoping I’d be better before we left, but alas! It’s not to be. See you in a couple weeks!

  4. Oh goody! New pictures! She is SOOOO CUTE!!! Her eyes still look more like Karen’s to me. Sorry Meeg. Face shape looks more like Jen. Katie, not so much. haha.

  5. Juliana is adorable!!! Thanks for the beautiful birth announcement. I love the picture of her on it. I’m so happy God answered our prayers. What a precious little girl she is.:) I love her nursery! You did a great job!;)
    Monica and Jeff

  6. adorable pictures, you can see more personality now. God has been good!!!

  7. She is so cute. The one picture in the polka-dot dress looks like she is ready to fight. She is quite a fighter!!

  8. Don’t you love it when people ask you, “Is she sleeping through the night yet?” Madison is 10 months and still waking up. I feel your fatigue…but it looks from the pictures like those 3 a.m. feedings are paying off! She’s adorable!

  9. It’s good to see her doing so well. We continue to keep your family in prayer…and it is wonderful to see the blessings God has given you to cherish! May He continue to be close to you!

  10. I can’t believe how big she is getting. She is just so sweet. I am to hear that your wonderful family is doing so well!!

    God Bless

    Katie Torchia

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