03/08/10 Growth

We had another visit to the pediatrician today. Juliana weighs 7 lb 6 oz today and is 18.5 inches long. A surprising fact: she is now registering on the growth chart! Her length is still too short to be on the chart yet, but judging from her weight, she is now in the 11th percentile for her “real” age of 4 months. Yay! She’s likely to be on the small side for most of her life, but she has never been on the chart up until now!

The Maryland Infants and Toddlers program developmental lady is coming tomorrow to evaluate Juliana and start her on her physical therapy course, which is a free resource in our state. We’ll see how she does!

10 thoughts on “03/08/10 Growth

  1. Awesome!! She’s growing so fast! At least Juliana will know that she probably won’t be tall. Imagine Megan’s surprise when she woke up one day realizing she would never again grow.

  2. Great news! Don’t worry too much about those charts! It sounds like she will do fine. Sierra was on the charts and then got off of them and at this moment still isn’t on the chart at all. She is healthy and happy and so for now we are just keeping tracking of her weight – she is following the curve but a curve that is below the chart. I am thankful for a doctor that is all right with that. We had her checked out by a pediatric endocrinologist and they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. I have a feeling that Juliana will just keep surprising people and surpassing many goals and milestones especially with such good and attentive parents. Hugs to you all!

  3. Anna was 8 pounds when she was born and 20 1/2 inches long — I think she was in the 70% for both weight and height. Then she dropped down to the 5% for weight due to some bad reflux she was having…so much so we she had a stomach x-ray when she was 3 weeks old. But our doctor was not too concerned – some kids are just smaller…she is still is in a low % for her weight and high % for her height…but like Lynette said, don’t worry too much about the charts!So glad to hear Julianna is growing and thriving — such a wonderful blessing!

    Thanks for the updates! HOpe to see you guys someday soon! 😉

  4. Yay Juliana! Getting on the chart is awesome! Just another milestone. 🙂

    I’m laughing at Katie’s post. LOL!

  5. Katie: hahaha. Poor Megan. Juliana will fit right in with us short folk. Jen, you weighed what Juliana weighs now when you were born!!! Only you were 22 inches long. Wouldn’t it be better if we judged her by if she was born on Feb 10 instead of so early? I’m sure she will be just fine, and we’ll take her anyway.

  6. HEY!!! I hope Juliana’s family isn’t as mean as mine… wait, poor Juliana, it’s the same family!

  7. How did the physical therapy consult go? As soon as my car is fixed I’ll swing by for a visit! That is a promise 🙂

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  9. Yay for growing!! My sister and I both have small kids. My sisters kid’s were never really on the chart, and I think Ava might be lucky if she is in the 10th percentile for weight. At 14 months, she is barely 19 lbs, small is good!

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