03/05/10 Update

There aren’t many things to report these days. Juliana is doing great in her new environment–home! She hit the 7 lb. mark on Thursday of this week, and she continues to love eating. We are slowly fazing out the Preemie clothing. It’s amazing to see her arms, legs, and (as many of you have already commented) cheeks getting chubby. It was hard to imagine her reaching this point, but she is starting to maintain actual baby fat!

I’m not sure if we’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but Juliana was born with a hemangioma underneath her left ear. This is a buildup of abnormal blood vessel growth that is quite common (occurring in approximately 10 percent of Caucasians) and often resolves itself. Apparently they are more common in premature babies and also in identical twins (which she is) than in other babies. Hers is between a nickel and a quarter in size. I was actually born with one in my eyelid which was surgically removed when I was 5 years old. The doctors believe that Juliana’s will go away on its own, but it has been giving us some problems recently. It is in an awkward location for the placement of her car seat strap, and it rubs on her clothes as well. As a result, it has broken open and bled a couple of times. She is currently taking antibiotics to keep it from becoming infected, and we have been referred to the pediatric dermatologist at Johns Hopkins, who is apparently the best.

Apart from this minor issue, Juliana is thriving and very happy. She likes to keep us up at night, particularly between midnight and 3 am, but she is generally a very sweet, content baby. It is wonderful to be home, and we are so blessed!

Grandpa and Grandma Minner are visiting this weekend, and they are enjoying snuggling with her as well. We hope you all are doing well. Thanks for your continued encouraging words and support.

9 thoughts on “03/05/10 Update

  1. Oh my word! 7 pounds! Awesome! She’s growing SO FAST! Can’t wait to come hold her.

  2. she is going to be a chunk the next time i see her! also, it is march jen 😉 although in your world right now i know the date doesn’t really matter. hehe.
    love you all!

  3. Yay! She’s getting so big! You do know that it is March now, don’t you? hehe I hope that you’re having a fun weekend 🙂

  4. 7 pounds is great!!! It is amazing how fast they grow out of their clothes at that age!

    Hope all goes well at John Hopkins.

  5. What a lovely update! She sounds like a wonderful baby and I know that you are enjoying every moment of being at home with her. I had two hemangioma’s when I was born as well – right on the top of my forehead – ended up having two surgeries to take care of them because of bleeding. I hope that all goes well with your visit to Johns Hopkins – I am sure that they will have some good help for her. Thanks for continuing the updates = I check often to see how you are all doing. Love the pictures too! Hugs to you all!

  6. I’m so glad to hear she’s doing well. Are you seeing Dr. Cohen at JH or another peds dermatologist? I’m not even sure if he’s still there to be honest, that’s who we saw when Jack was a baby with his awful eczema. Tell that girl she needs to change her witching hour from the middle of the night to middle of the day!!!

  7. Just dropped in to check on beautiful Julianna! She looks amazing! Sounds like she is growing and thriving. Keep up the good work Mom and Dad!

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