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I am excited to announce that I have been named one of the Alumni Awards Foundation’s Educators of the Year. I believe that there is one winner per union, and I was the Columbia Union choice. This is such an amazing honor, and I’m very humbled. For some reason, any time that I’m recognized for something, it makes me think about all the things that I’m still doing wrong… Teaching is a learning process itself, and I hope to never stop learning! Anyway, they are making a video of me interacting with the kids, and interviewing kids for quotes about me. Hopefully I’ll get to keep a copy of it. I get to go to Scottsdale, AZ for the reception in February, and apparently I receive $1000! Very cool.aaf2.gif

10 thoughts on “Alumni Awards Foundation

  1. GET OUT OF FREAKIN’ TOWN!! That is so awesome! YOU are awesome! Of course, we already knew that, but so do the big wigs, apparently!

    Way to represent the red-heads of the world. 😉

  2. Okay, so the math thing? Didn’t realize it was to discourage spam postings of the automated variety. Put a smarmy answer. Now it’s gone forever. Great. You’ve just lost the wittiest posting from one of the wittiest guys ever. It’s gone forever. I could try to recreate it, but it would never be the same. YOU wouldn’t know the difference, but I would. And that’s what matters. To paraphrase Rocky Balboa–no, you know what, forget it. I did that in my previous, now unpublished posting. And I…I just can’t go there again, okay?

    Hey guys, your Dad mentioned the award thingy in his email, though of course since you posted it here DAYS ago, I guess that was old news. Glad to hear life is treating you all right. I just wanted to say hello. Who knows when I will next have opportunity to see you again, but I think about you often. Probably almost (but not quite) to a creepy degree. Take care, and have a freaking awesome new year!

  3. By the way, don’t click on my name in the previous comment. You’ll just embarrass yourself and bring me more shame. No it’s not the link to anything inappropriate. Gutter-minded…Thank you.

  4. Jerry–Hi!! How’s life in sunny CA? Please stop by ANYTIME you’re out here! We’d love to see you!! 🙂 So, when do you graduate and get to be a doctor? What kind of doctor are you going to be? Man, I wish that we didn’t miss your first, most awesome post. I’m so sad about it now…

  5. Jerry is not alone. (Well, I don’t mean this very second. How would I know that? It’s not like I have him under surveillance or anything. Wait. Forget I wrote that. He could very well be alone, and we wouldn’t know, would we? Unless we were actually speaking to him on the phone–in which case he would really be alone in EVERY sense.)

    What I MEANT was, Jerry is not alone in having written an astoundingly brilliant, even moving tribute about Jennifer’s award, ONLY TO BE DENIED THE PRIVILEGE OF POSTING! I feel his pain. (Well, I don’t actually . . .) I too know the experience of seeing a prosaic masterpiece sent sailing irretrievably into cyberspace, along with countless other profundities of the ages.

    To the point: Ya done good, Jennifer. Ya always do. Ya make an old man proud, 24/7 Mr. Minner didn’t beget no sloths! Nay, nay!

    Moving beyond the point: Exactly how is the $1,000 to be distributed? How many of your friends and supporters will you be flying to Arizona to witness this event? Will the award actually enhance your future teaching? Or is it pretty much downhill from here?

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