02/10/10 40 Weeks and Home!

Images of the first days at home:

home13.JPG home10.JPG home9.JPG home8.JPG home11.JPG home5.JPG home4.JPG home1.JPG home14.JPG


hom3.JPG home7.JPG home6.JPG home12.JPG

How can we possibly express how good it is to be home? Here are some highlights:

–holding her and cuddling with her WHENEVER we want!
–24-hour quality time
–no tubes, alarms, or other people around (although we loved our NICU nurses!)
–a lovely banner from the wonderful Class of 2012 on our garage, welcoming Juliana home
–4 feet of snow
–eating and cooking in our own kitchen
–sleeping in our own bed
–internet access

As the days go by and we get established into more of a routine, you can expect more pictures and updates. For now, we are learning how to sleep while constantly watching over her and enjoying just being together. Thanks to everyone for your many prayers and well wishes. We’ll keep you posted!

37 thoughts on “02/10/10 40 Weeks and Home!

  1. Yay! We’ve been wondering about you, how things are holding up down the road. Wish we could come see you, but know better than to share our germs. Let us know if you need anything! Love the pictures and glad she got home before the second storm.

  2. Oh, had an easy one to add 10+1…

    Love all the pictures and what a beautiful nursery! And my oh my, Juliana is so precious and cute! Still so tiny (both our kids were 8 pounders!) so to see Jason holding her by all the snow she looks like a doll! 😉 so glad she is home with you guys. It must be nice to get back to “normal”. Hope to see you guys soon!

  3. sooooo cute! love all the pictures… yes i think she might look a bit like me 😉 love the eyes!!!

  4. Welcome home, Juliana! I pray she will continue to grow and thrive even more now that she is where she belongs. The nursery is just beautiful!

  5. OH MY WORD! The cuteness!! She is beautiful, her nursery is super cute! I’m so glad that you are all home 🙂

  6. Words just aren’t adequate for this. How wonderful! I agree, the nursery is VERY nicely done. What a magnificent place to sit and hold her and hold her and hold her . . .

    I was looking at the books. Is it possible that the Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories is from the set that I had in the early ’50s?

    And of course, you knew I would ask this: She’s been home two days now, so how many of the books has she read?

  7. Wonderful! Just wonderful! My heart is so full of happiness for you!

    The nursery is beautiful. The curtains must have been hung by professionals! 🙂

    And you know what? Every time I see that little face I think of Megan! Of course, when you look at all 4 of the Minner girls’ baby pictures, they all look alike. But right now, I see Megan.

    You guys are so very blessed. I know you know it. But I like to say it.

    I’m so glad you made it home in the little window between snow storms.

    It doesn’t get any better than this! Well, actually it just gets better and better! 🙂

  8. Thanks for posting pictures! I came looking. She is SO darling in her sleeper, and it’s so amazing how big she is! Even though she’s still little. I’m sure you are loving all the cuddling time. Her nursery is beautiful!! Reminds me of bringing my preemie home after 7 weeks, and you had so much longer even. I know you are watching over her. Congratulations!:) May God continue to bless all three of you.

  9. These pictures are so sweet. She is growing so fast! I am so glad you guys are all home together. LOVE the nursery!

    Katie Torchia Strassberger

  10. Jason & Jen,

    Thanks for the update and pictures! I love her room – those colors make me think of spring! And wow! so much snow! We just got some snow yesterday but nothing even close to that amount. My kids would love it. Stay warm and enjoy this special time with Juliana! Hugs and prayers for you three!

  11. What wonderful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing this exciting day with us. We thank the Lord that He has walked with you on ths long journey and held precious little Juliana in His mighty hands. She is adorable and the nursery was obviously created with a lot of love and care. Enjoy your baby!!!

  12. AAAAAAGGGGHHH!!! Posting pictures when I don’t have computer access should be STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Justin called me to say there were pics up last night. It was torture until I could access this morning. hahaha! GORGEOUS!!! I love you guys!

  13. I’m glad the child has books. I was a bit worried she might grow up illiterate.
    She’s beautiful, and has a nice new space full of fun things to explore.
    Maybe NEXT year we can have the Messiah sing-in?

  14. You have your own snow angel:).

    Could I have been more cheesy? Believe it or not, yes, but I restrained myself.

    She is so, so beautiful.

  15. So glad you are home!! The nursery is beautiful, but not as beautiful as Juliana!

  16. Wow, beautiful pictures, and now I can visulize her in her beautiful nursery! The chair and ottoman look very comfy, many happy hours there. I will continue to pray for her health, growth and future.

  17. I am so happy to see that you finally have your little girl at home. She is beautiful and I know that she will bring much happiness to your lives.

  18. She is so gorgeous 🙂
    It’s great that she’s doing well and she’s home now, I’m so happy for you.

  19. She’s darling!! It most feel good to finally be home with your little princess. We have enjoyed watching how God has blessed you. And someday you’ll have 3 little princesses to love on. Heaven is so close!!
    Take care, guys! Happy Sabbath

  20. What a blessed day! I know how much you have been looking forward to taking Juliana home. We are so happy for you.

  21. So very HaPpY for you all! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us so we could join in your happiness! May God continue to bless your family daily.

  22. Dear ones–all three of you!
    May God’s power and love continue to be manifested in your life as a family.

  23. We are so happy for you! What a wonderful first holiday to spend together, we hope you had a great Valentine’s day! May God forever remind you of His wondrous love. Glad you’re home as a family unit. Blessings!!!

  24. Oh, baby! She’s so precious! Her bedroom looks awesome. You all look wonderfully glad to be home. Can’t wait to come hold her!

  25. The nursery is beautiful! I love how thoughtful the class was to post the welcome home banner too. I bet you are just relishing every second. Congrats on graduating from the NICU!!

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