Does anyone recognize this guy?

So, here’s the story.  On Friday, December 1, Jesse and I attended the National Council on Social Studies (for teachers) in Washington, DC.  We went to a really cool seminar about how to use music to teach history.  The Library of Congress has a great website for downloading old recordings of great pop hits such as “Daughters of Freedom, the Ballot be Yours!” from suffrage days, etc.  Very fun stuff.  And then we went to see Alex.  He hosted the National Geographic Teachers’ Geography Bee.  There were 10 finalists, and we watched them compete much like they do on Jeopardy, without the nice wall of televisions in the background.  The questions were extreeeeeemely hard, but I must say that between the two of us, Jesse and I didn’t do too badly for ourselves. (Of course we were answering quietly to ourselves, having not participated in the preliminary round of questions; we were unworthy to sit on the stage.)  Alex was HILARIOUS!  He is truly a brilliant man, but I think what has helped him rise to the top is his really great sense of humor and uncanny sense of timing.  He thinks on his feet very well and very quickly.  We were laughing pretty much the entire time.  End of the story: the man who won was definitely a geography nerd and deserved the two round-trip tickets to the Galapagos Islands.  Very cool.  We had a wonderful experience and hope to go next year when the annual convention will be held in San Francisco!

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