1/25/2010 Allergy

The doctors say it is almost certainly an allergy now according to her blood results. Jen got to feed her tonight and she will begin her lactose-free milk tonight. Jen has to give up milk for now as well. Her hernia surgery is also scheduled for this week, so she has a few more hurdles left before she can come home.

11 thoughts on “1/25/2010 Allergy

  1. I had to give up dairy when nursing my kids, as well as chocolate, caffeine, onions (not that I even like them to begin with…), and greasy foods. Anna, especially, had horrible, horrible reflux. Glad they were able to determine the cause and hopefully Julianna will be doing better soon. Praying that the hernia surgery goes well — is this a new development, then?

  2. I’m glad you discovered the problem. Since I am also lactose intolerant, I can relate. (I also can’t eat chocolate and caffeine.) I use sugar-free Silk soy milk on my cereal and in cooking–just can’t make pudding with it. It tastes fine to me, but then I’m used to it. You might find it an acceptable substitute, Jen. Also comes in regular, light, chocolate, and vanilla. And soy cheese isn’t bad either. You can get it at Martins in the natural foods section.

  3. Glad they know what’s wrong. Sorry it’s that though. No quick fixes to allergies. You live with them your whole life. Praying no more delays or complications.

  4. Glad to hear they were able to find the source of the problem so quickly. Enfamil makes a soy formula for babies which we give the boys since Cameron has a milk alergy as well. We will be praying that her surgery goes well.

  5. glad they have some answers… good luck jen on the no milk thing. i was sooo happy to be able to come visit and help out. have they been able to take her IV back out?

  6. We’re sorry to hear about the delays…but better now than having been discharged and having to be readmitted or worse yet…missing something very important. It’s great she’s made so much progress, and I’m sure you’re having fun putting a nursery together…finally! We’re still praying for you and your family.

  7. It can be so hard at times when you know that “going home” is so near but always good to feel that everything is just right when you finally do get to go home. We’ll be keeping her surgery in our prayers and checking for updates. We love you all and send lots of hugs your way. Like the other’s have mentioned above, there are lots of dairy free products out there – not all of them yummy but some are. I have a really good dairy free cheese sauce if you are needing something like that. Just let me know.

  8. Little baby girl.:( She will be ok, and you will be so happy to get her home!! Praying everything goes as smoothly as possible the next week! We are always praying for her and your family.
    Monica and Jeff

  9. Hi Jen & Jason,

    We pray for you daily, and continue to read the updates. We are so glad that Juliana’s weight is up and she’s well. The milk allergy is a little rough, she may outgrow it, Pierce did, but he has other allergies now. Can’t wait to see her.


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