1/24/2010 Delay

We are going to be delayed into next week. Juliana showed some blood in her stool the last few days, so they have run some tests and given her some x-rays. Some of her bowel is dilated and thickened, which shows inflammation. They have stopped her feeds as of this morning and will give it some time to rest. The leading candidate of diagnosis is that she may have an allergy to the additive they put in the breast milk to make it more calorie rich. They will keep monitoring her and will repeat the x-ray tomorrow. Tonight she will get hooked up to TPN and lipids to keep her nutrition steady. She has gained some weight since our last update: 4lbs 4.5 oz. I spent the whole day with Juliana as Jen worked on the nursery at home. Jen will head back to Baltimore in the morning.

12 thoughts on “1/24/2010 Delay

  1. This is disappointing, I know. But you’ve hung in there this long, so you know you can wait just a little longer. Juliana has been such a trooper! She’s an amazing little girl. And when you finally get to carry her through the doorway of your home, well . . . I just wish I could be there to see it.

  2. Sorry for the delay, guys. It won’t be long, but the closer you get, the longer it seems. I understand! Jen, your dad is right – walking through that door at home is going to be so emotionally charged. In fact, driving away from the hospital with your baby in her carseat in your car will probably be something you will NEVER forget.

    So hang in there, the day is coming very soon!!!


  3. Sorry Juliana’s homecoming will be delayed! But that will make it that much sweeter.

  4. Jason and Jen,

    So sorry to hear about the delay and hope they figure out the problem quickly. I know how exciting your homecoming will be and we can’t wait to hear when that will be. Hugs to all three of you!

  5. God has his hand over this little one. When the time is right, she’ll be in the car, on her way home. All of us who love you will just keep praying.

  6. Hey guys…I’m sorry about the delay:( but she’ll be home soon! the NICU nurses here used to always say if the babes were told about going home – they would have some complication that would delay it…they were very superstitious. apparently that happens alot!. Anyway, I’m excited that your munchkin is doing sooo well:) Can’t wait to meet her!!

  7. AARRGGHH! This is the super-frustrating leaving-the-nicu rollercoaster. You can’t believe it’s actually happening until you sign the papers and she’s strapped into that car seat. It will happen, but it’s an agonizing wait. If it helps, we’re agonizing with you… LOVE!

  8. I’ve been following Julianna’s progress and this is disappointing. But it will happen! You’re going to be the happiest, most thanful parents in the world. And the proudest too, of your precious little daughter.

    We’re still upholding you and her in our prayers.

  9. as my soon to be 4 year old would say “ah, man!” Hope they figure out quickly what’s going on and that Julianna will be able to start up feeding with Jen again and that she’ll be heading home soon! What a wonderful day that will be!!! Keeping you all in my prayers!

  10. Julianna remains in our prayers. Hopefully this is just a small setback. Sounds like you had some “Daddy and me” time:)

  11. That’s a bummer 🙁 I’m so sorry. Next week will be here before you know it. Hopefully time will feel like it’s going by quickly for you.

  12. Juliana is three months old today. She had really been a strong little one. So glad to hear of your weight gain. I know you are so anxious to get her home. That day will come.

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