1/19/10 Zap Zap

Juliana had another follow-up laser procedure on her left eye today and the doctor says it went very well. We’re hoping it is the last procedure. She is enjoying her crib in satellite. Her nasal canula pressure has been turned down to 0.1 at 100% oxygen, exactly the conditions she would have if she needed oxygen at home. They are hoping to wean her off of it, but it is good to see she can tolerate a solution she could have at home. Breastfeeding is now unlimited, so Jen can be in the NICU every 3 hours if she wished. Jen is going to be spending as much time as she can in there.

12 thoughts on “1/19/10 Zap Zap

  1. Great news! I’m sure you’re loving this part of being a new mom, Jen. We’re still praying for her eyes and looking forward to the day when she can go home.

  2. Each report sounds like Jen is getting to behave more and more like a new mommy. How great is that?! The Lord is good : )

  3. So glad to hear that all is going well. Breastfeeding is such a joy and a great bonding experience I am so glad you are getting to enjoy it now. If ever you get bored or lonely in B-more drop me a line You are in my hometown!!!

  4. The news just keeps getting better and better. Yeah!! Sounds like it won’t be long before you three are home together. Hugs to all!

  5. Such good news! So glad to hear it’s getting close to time to “spring her from that joint!” and glad to hear that breastfeeding is working out well! Sooooo important!

  6. You’re getting so close to being home together. Yipee!!!! I’m so excited for you guys. Although I don’t post comments all that often I’m a true “Julianna Update Addict”!!! Thanks for including us all in your journey. Hugs 🙂

  7. Glad the little zap went well:) and keep up the nursing!!! these little NICU babies seem to really love the nursing and extra cuddles (as it the extra cuddles are going to be a problem;)

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