1/16/10 Satellite

Juliana is moving into Satellite sometime tonight. Satellite is the room babies stay in when they are preparing to go home soon. We were happy to be in the “VL” (Very Low Birthweight room) for so long, but it was time to leave. Jen will be heading back down to Baltimore on Monday to continue breastfeeding and taking care of Juliana during the day. I’ll head back down next weekend after working this week.

20 thoughts on “1/16/10 Satellite

  1. Yeah, Juliana. You’re a big girl now! How exciting to be getting ready to go home. Reminds me of our longing to go Home, too.

  2. You go, girl! We are excited for you guys! Praise the Lord for answered prayers.

    Danny and Ophelia

  3. I know you will miss those nurses you have been with for so long, but what a wonderful piece of news! Your little girl is getting big!

  4. I’ll bet you miss being able to see her as much… but very soon you can hold her all the time!!! can’t wait to see you guys.

  5. Oh the excitement! It’s to bad time can’t be fastwarded to the time you can take Juliana home and lay her in her crib. But that time will be here in the blink of an eye. I’m glad she’s making such wonderful progress 🙂

  6. Hey Mr. Payne. Hey Mrs. Payne!
    I’m praying for you guys. I love the blog by the way.

  7. I’m SO thrilled for you guys!! What a precious little miracle girl you are taking home. Can’t wait to read that post! Still praying for Juliana. Way to go with the breastfeeding.:)

  8. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! I am so excited for you guys! Can’t wait for Julianna to be home with mommy and daddy! (and looking forward to getting to stop adding numbers in order to post here!)

  9. The first of many graduations for this precious girl. People we encounter continue to ask us about her nearly every day. So many have taken her to their hearts. Soon a homecoming!

  10. It was soo good to see you both at HVA Baby Shower on Sunday. Your van was packed full of presents. Soon it
    will be Spring and the cold of Winter will be over.
    Your trust in the Lord is an encouragement to everyone.
    The Jason Payne family is precious.

  11. oh, now you tell me it was an option to deactivate! Math is hard (even with an MBA!!!)…you seriously didn’t have to deactivate it on my account.

    So happy and excited for you guys! Hope to meet the little one soon!

  12. The math thingy was OK when posting from my home computer. But so help me, every single time I tried to post something from my BlackBerry it accused me of being a spammer, possibly because “it” thought I was getting the math problem wrong. I think Juliana could probably do those math problems!

  13. This is very good news!! I am so happy to hear about the continued progress.. I hope she gets to go home and sleep in her own special crib very soon!!!

    Lots of Love

    Katie Torchia Strassberger

  14. How exciting. Finally Juliana gets to be home. It has been a long journey but God is good. It was nice to see you Mrs Payne on Monday.

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