01/13/10 Success!

Juliana had a very successful breastfeeding today! When she tried on Monday, she seemed to be very excited about it, but wasn’t able to latch on for very long at a time. Today, however, she went for about 15 minutes steady, and was able to get half of her feed down before she fell asleep and had to have the rest gavaged. We’re so proud of her! I know it’s tiring, but she loves it (and so do I!).

Her weight today is 1810 grams (3 lbs, 15.5 oz). So, she should hit the 4 lb mark by tomorrow, and she will likely be in her crib in the next 2 days. They didn’t want to move her directly into the crib today because she is still recovering from her eye surgery. This way, she doesn’t need to expend as many of her precious calories keeping warm.

Jason will be joining me back down here in Baltimore tonight. Juliana and I have both missed him very much. Now, Sophie has to go it alone for a few days.

12 thoughts on “01/13/10 Success!

  1. Whoo hoo! How exciting. This is one of the most gratifying experiences a mommy can have because no one can do it but you! ItΒ’s such a wonderful connection. Enjoy every moment of it.

  2. I just love hearing of all the wonderful changes and progress that Juliana continues to make. We’ll continue to keep her recovery from eye surgery in our prayers. What a special time this is for a mommy and I’ll bet that daddy can’t wait to see both of you too! Hugs to all!

  3. What wonderful news. A crib sounds great. And so does four lbs. I hope you get lots of quality time with her today. Still praying for her eyes.

  4. wow. what a big girl! that is very exciting… a crib πŸ™‚ are you going to bring her a mobile so start looking at? sooo much fun!

  5. YES!!!!!!!! She rocks!!! Keep up the good work and remind me to talk to you about breastfeeding on Friday or this weekend. She is so strong!!! Definatley bring in a mobile to keep her entertained when you guys aren’t there. WOW! The countdown is on!!!

  6. What wonderful news!! We are still praying for your family and will remember her eyes to the church tomorrow. So glad you can nurse her now, it really is a special bond.

  7. That is very good news. I can only imagine how excited you must be to bond with her in that special way! I hope she continues to grow big on Mommy’s milk!! God Bless

    Katie Torchia Strassberger

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