01/12/10 Surgery

The opthamologist called this morning after the eye exam to tell us that he wanted to operate again. So, Juliana had her second eye surgery this evening. He operated on both eyes, and now we are back to the waiting game. Apparently her left eye is in really good shape, and he expects no further problems with it. He isn’t as sure about her right eye. During her first surgery, two weeks ago, he had a difficult time because she was so small and her eyes were so undeveloped. Also, she was on the CPAP at the time. Now, she is larger and on the nasal cannula, so it was much easier for him to access the blood vessels that he needed to laser. So, he feels much better about the outcome of this procedure. However, we will need to wait until next Tuesday for the follow-up exam. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Now, we need to allow the vessels time to heal properly.

Something positive: all of her medications have been discontinued except for her multi-vitamin and eye drops for 3 days following the surgery.

We didn’t try breastfeeding today because she needed to reserve all her strength for her surgery. But, we’ll try again tomorrow, twice!

9 thoughts on “01/12/10 Surgery

  1. Yippee! I’ve been thinking of you guys all day, wondering if the breastfeeding was underway. I’m sure it’s a little disappointing but hopefully that surgery will be her last. And yay on the medications. Super excited for you guys and tomorrow. It just seems like a huge milestone at this point and I’m glad you’re there. Love and hugs to the brave girlie!

  2. Prayers will continue for her eyes, but sooo happy everything else is progressing wonderfully! YAY for no more meds needed!

  3. Thanks Jen for the update. Your daughter is such a trooper. God is with her and will get her through this. Sweet dreams! Enjoy your time with her tomorrow – she will need her mommy to comfort her! Love you all!

  4. So glad the surgery went well and at least one eye is doing fine. We continue to pray for her eyes and her leg and trust that God will heal her. We want her to go home soon. What are the milestones she needs to reach before they will release her?

  5. Added prayers and praise going up on her behalf. No more meds is HUGE! She continues to amaze me.

  6. I continue to pray for all of you. Juliana is doing quite well. Will continue to pray for the healing of her eyes.
    God bless.

  7. Juliana is making such wonderful progress. I’m so happy for her and for you too. You are still in my thoughts and prayers

  8. Am continuing to pray for you and Juliana daily and am getting so excited about the many blessings being poured out! At the rate Juliana is gaining, it won’t be long ’til she gets to Monte’s birth weight: 5 lb. 4 oz. I’m also glad to hear the more positive feeling the doctor had about the eye surgery. With all this good news, we (your friends) are going to have a harder time waiting for you to bring her home. I can only imagine how impatient you are feeling to do the same! Hang on, “In a little while we’re going home!”… to quote a familiar Gospel tune : )

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