Today Juliana and I got to try something new and wonderful: breastfeeding! Although this can often be a challenging obstacle for preemies (and even for some full-term babies), Juliana seems to know exactly what to do, and she loved it! We are only going to try once a day for now because it really tires her out, but once she completely gets the hang of it, we will slowly increase to more feeds every day. In the meantime, she is receiving her milk through gavage feeds every 3 hours. She is still digesting it very well. We are so proud of her! It felt so wonderful to bond with her in this new way. I can’t wait until we can nurse for every feed, every day.

Juliana continues to do well on the nasal cannula. She is still on very low settings, but she occasionally needs her oxygen turned up at the end of her bolus feeds, because when her stomach is full, it presses up on her lungs and she desats for a few minutes. As she gets used to having a full tummy, this problem will go away. Even with her oxygen turned up, she is rarely over 30%, and most of the time she stays around 23%, basically room air.

Her length is measured every Sunday, and she was 40.5 cm last night. Today’s weight was 1780 grams, basically 3 lbs, 15 oz. She has nearly reached the 1800 gram mark which indicates that her body is ready to self-regulate its temperature, and she will be moved from her isolette into a crib. She’ll probably reach that milestone by the end of this week.

She was supposed to have her follow-up eye exam this morning, but the eye doctor canceled all of his Monday appointments. So, please pray that at her Tuesday morning exam he will find good results from the surgery.

Jason is at home working this week, so I’m in Baltimore by myself (although I’ve had some wonderful visitors to keep me company. Thanks Ansley, Alita, and Zach!), and I haven’t been able to keep up with the posts as well as Jason since he can post from his phone. However, I’ll still try to keep you all updated as often as I can. I appreciate that you, dear readers, are still so interested in our precious baby girl. Every day that goes by gives me more and more hope and excitement for the day when we can finally bring her home.

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  1. So happy things are going well. She is really growing fast now — almost 4 pounds! We love you.

  2. I’m so excited for you! Breastfeeding is awesome. There is nothing like it & not only is it great for Juliana, it’s great for you, too! Don’t get discouraged when it starts to hurt, because it will! 🙂 I’m sure you’ve heard this all before! Enjoy every minute, because before you know it, they are old and don’t want it anymore! 🙁 You all are often in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for keeping us updated on what is going on! Love and good wishes to all three of you!

  3. Found your website on Maya’s prayers for babies website, we are in New Brunswick (Canada) and our family and church have been praying for your family for quite some time. May God continue to bless you and that precious little girl as she continues to thrive and grow up to be a young woman serving the Almighty God whom gives us all life as a gift each day.

  4. Oh, I’m so happy for you. Breastfeeding is such an important part of the mother-baby bond and will help her grow even faster. Almost 4 pounds sounds great. I believe 40.5 cm is 16 inches, correct? We’re still praying for her leg and her eyes and that she’ll thrive and be able to go home soon. God has blessed all three of you abundantly, in spite of the rough places in the path. This is going to be a great year!

  5. Jenn,

    What awesome news! You just hang in there and before you know it, you’ll have that sweet baby girl home with you. Prayers are on the way for good news for her eyes! Hugs to you all and THANK YOU for the updates – you have alot on your plate so we appreciate that you are able to take time out to let all of us know how things are going.

  6. Juliana is amazing! So happy for you, Jen, that your first experience with breastfeeding was so positive. God’s favor is on you all! Be assured that He hears all of our prayers! So wonderful!

  7. What a wonderful update! I check every day to see if there is anything new. And this is definitely new!!! Wow! So happy for you guys and little Juliana.

  8. Yay! Breastfeeding! I’m so happy for you. This is so exciting. I can’t wait to hear she’s gotten big enough to come out of the isolette. What a sweet little miracle she is. =)

  9. What a wonderful milestone! It is something so precious, and you will cherish that time with her forever. We are still praying for all of you!

  10. Yay! How great! I’m so excited that Juliana is reaching these milestones! I’ll be praying that her eye exam went well! God bless!

  11. So glad all is going well. Each read Julianna seems to be doing better and getting strong. Praise the Lord!

  12. Aha! The perfect weight. 3 lb. 15 oz. The weight I was when I was born!!!!! With any luck, she’ll turn out to be the strapping hulk I’ve become!! Actually, some say I have lovely girlish legs…

  13. I’m so happy for you she did so well breastfeeding! The first time my Hailey latched on at 32 weeks, I cried! I wanted to be able to nurse her so bad, and she just knew what to do. There were feedings that she was tired, but by 38 weeks she was nursing all her feeds. What an awesome little girl, and Mommy for keeping up all the pumping and Kangaroo care. But I know toy have probably enjoyed doing everything you can for her. I sure was over pumping in the middle of the night.
    Not much longer and you’ll be bringing her home! What a precious miracle she is.
    Praying for her everyday.:)
    With love, Monica

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