Today we begin the process of compressed feeds (we thought this might start earlier this week, but it was put on hold). We are counting down the days to breastfeeding! This afternoon Juliana will begin receiving 30 ml over 2 hours, every 3 hours. (15 ml = 1 hr). If she handles this well, she will probably continue to wean down each day and be ready to try breastfeeding by next Tuesday. The occupational therapist gave her a quick evaluation yesterday and said that she is ready to try sucking and swallowing. She was 35 weeks gestational age on Wednesday, so she is at the point where she should be able to accomplish these challenging tasks. She continues to make use of the calories from her feeds: yesterday she weighed 3 lbs, 11.2 oz! Big girl!

She is also still doing well on her nasal cannula. Today her oxygen is hovering around 23%, which is fantastic. They have to turn her up occasionally during cares or during her eye exams, but she generally tolerates a very low level of O2. It is our hope that she won’t have to come home from the hospital with an oxygen tank, like some extremely premature babies do.

Yesterday Juliana received some packed red blood cells because her hematocrit was low. Even though her blood draws are few and far between, her little body still has a hard time producing enough blood to keep up. We hope that this will be her last transfusion; as she continues to grow, her body will be able to sustain itself better and better.

We also got an update from ortho yesterday: her leg is healing well. The splint has been off for a couple of days now, and she is moving her leg freely with no pain. We are so glad that it is doing so well. We don’t have to worry about it so much now, which is especially helpful now that we are dressing her. See photos below.

clothing1.jpg clothing2.jpg clothing3.jpg clothing4.jpg clothing5.jpg clothing6.jpg

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  1. It looks like she enjoys being dressed. 🙂 So much good news! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh she is just too cute in her outfits! i like the pink one, with the pink giraffe wearing a blue scarf, so precious! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wonderful news! Our sweet girl is growing and making strides. She looks adorable in her tiny little outfits. Dressing up our baby is one of the things we moms look forward too! Glad to hear about her weight gain and her next challenge with her feeds. Something tells me Juliana is going to show us all that she can do it! So happy for you! So very happy for Juliana! Love and miss you 🙂

  4. oh my word… the cuteness is overwhelming!!! i’m so happy to here of all of her progress, and clearly see it in the pictures. can’t wait to see her again in person.
    love you all

  5. YEAH!!! What a cutie! Love all the pics and especially the last one, she looks like there is a little smile on her face! What a happy little girl! Can’t believe breastfeeding is right around the corner! Very exciting!

  6. What an adorable baby girl. She’s so cute–like a little doll. And she is growing so quickly. We’ll continue to pray for her growth and her eyes. Want to see her and hold her so much!!!

  7. I think i saw some smirks from Juliana in those pictures…so she HAD to have smiled at you the other day 😉

  8. So great to hear such good news!! She is really growing fast. Loved all the pictures. She is adorable, and her Mommy has got to love her wearing cute clothes. My daughter learned to nurse as a preemie, so exciting!!

  9. How precious! It must be so much fun picking out outfits and dressing her up! Does she get to wear clothes all the time or just for her photo shoots? I love the last picture… it looks like Juliana is smiling at the camera!I’m so glad that she is gaining weight and that her feeds are going well. Hopefully I can come and visit again sometime soon. 🙂

  10. Jen,

    I love the pictures! She is so cute and like many others have said, that last picture definitely looks like a smile! Continuing prayers for her development and healing for her leg and eyes. I know I said it before but oh!! I sure wish I could hold her! She is so adorable. Thanks too for the updates.

  11. Thinking of you guys today, and so happy to see good progress! Happy Sabbath to you guys. (Hugs)

  12. Oh, precious, precious baby! SOOO BIG! I can’t believe how much she’s grown! And the clothes are just too much fun. Wish I could be there! Hugs and Kisses from Grammy

  13. Juliana is SO stinkin’ cute!! I love her little outfits! I love the floral print outfit with the adorable matching hat. Oh, and that last picture where she is smiling at the camera is ADORABLE. She is adorable and I can’t wait to come and visit again 🙂 I’m so happy that she is doing well and that you will get to start nursing soon! Yay! The excitement 🙂

  14. She is adorable. Dress up is very fun. We want to go shopping for baby clothes now! We have appreciated being able to follow your journey and cry or rejoice with you. Happy Sabbath.


  15. So good to hear such good news; I can’t imagine what it does for your hearts. She is beautiful in her new clothes! 🙂

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