12/31/09 Fifteen hundred

Today was a fun day with Juliana. I got to hold her for about 2 hours this afternoon. She did really well on the nasal canula and was very comfortable. She peeked her eyes open a few times, but was content to sleep most of the time or occasionally suck on her pacifier. After we put her back in the isolette, Jen got to give her a “sponge bath” in the isolette. We then dressed her up in a new outfit and Rachel, her nurse, swaddled her. She gets to have 3-hour trials on the nasal canula twice a day now. They also increased her feeds to 10 ml per hour. We weighed her today and she has hit 1500 grams! She is gaining weight rapidly. We left her to go home for two nights. We are celebrating New Years with friends and running some errands tomorrow. We’re looking forward to a better new year.

6 thoughts on “12/31/09 Fifteen hundred

  1. God bless you in your new year with your beautiful baby girl. What a blessing you have! The love you have for each other combined with the love the two of you can give to your precious little girl. I hope 2010 will bring you miracle upon miracle of blessings and happiness!

    Much love,

  2. It’s going to be an amazing year, you guys! I love you! And am so thrilled for Juliana’s growth!

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