12/30/09 Dress-up

Jen has spent most of the day with Juliana today while I worked at the RMH. I stopped over after lunch to visit and heard some exciting news. Juliana is 1470 grams today and they are going to dress and swaddle her! First, Jen is going to spend a few hours kangarooing with Juliana on a nasal canula, but then she gets to dress her up in her first real outfit! Juliana’s eyes are looking a little better today, though she is still keeping them closed for the most part. She is gaining weight rapidly and doing well!

14 thoughts on “12/30/09 Dress-up

  1. That sounds great! Real clothes! She’s growing up, which is a huge relief and very exciting. Praise the Lord!

  2. Wow!! That’s a HUGE step on the right direction!!! For going home!! Yay! Way to go Juliana. Can’t wait to see her in cute clothes.:) Prayers continue.

  3. Wonderful news! Eagerly awaiting pictures. Thanks be to God for holding her in His hands on this long journey!

  4. Another milestone. Grandpa is SO proud! We thought of you guys all the way home Tuesday. It was hard to leave that precious little person. She is in our hearts continually.

  5. I’ve always known playing dress-up was fun… but this time it has such special significance! Enjoy!

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