12/29/09 Eye Surgery

Eye surgery was completed this morning. I have not talked with the surgeon yet for his report. She is on bi-phasic CPAP for now to give her a little more support from the sedative. Since some are asking, she weighed 3 lbs. last night. More details later.

The surgeon says it was a difficult procedure because of her small size and estimates a 50/50 chance she may need a follow-up laser procedure. He will check her eyes again on Monday. Until then she will get eye drops twice a day for five days. They took her leg splint off and she really enjoyed stretching both legs straight out. Jen is kangarooing right now for a couple of hours. They will start nasal canula trials again tomorrow. Her eyes are swollen but she is snuggling happily.

8 thoughts on “12/29/09 Eye Surgery

  1. Happy Holidays! Jason, I think she looks like you. I remember you when you were first born and she looks like the way I remember you. : )

  2. Beautiful pictures guys! Juliana looks so precious in her Christmas outfit. Glad to hear the eye surgery went well. We’re continuing to pray for all three of you. Hope Juliana can go home soon.

  3. Aw, baby girl.:( At least she is snuggling with Mommy. Hasn’t she doubled in size? Congratulations on hitting the 3lb. mark!! We still cheer when we gain a pound! Hailey is 22 months and is almost to 20lbs!
    We continue to pray for Juliana to grow and thrive, and to go home with Mommy and Daddy as soon as she is ready!:)

  4. oh sweet juliana… sorry she is having to go through all of this… but she is a little fighter! auntie is so proud!

  5. oh, precious baby. To endure so much when you are so small. So glad you can snuggle with Mommy. Hope your leg is totally healed and your eyes will be soon.

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