12/28/09 ROP

Juliana had another eye exam this morning and the opthamologist found evidence of Stage 3 ROP. We have decided to go ahead with laser surgery to correct her eyes. She will get it done 7:30 tomorrow morning. This evening we will kangaroo with her nasal canula on her face. She is getting brief trials off of her CPAP. She is 2 lb 15 oz as of last night.

13 thoughts on “12/28/09 ROP

  1. So amazing that they can do laser surgery on such tiny eyes! At what point after the surgery will they know if the surgery was a success?

    She’s so close to 3 pounds! That’s fantastic. 🙂

    Love you so much!

  2. man, I had a scare…instead of seeing ROP, I read RIP…

    Glad she is growing and we LOVED her Christmas outfit! So cute! Hope all goes well with the surgery!

    Do you guys have an updates on when she may be able to go home?

  3. oh, sweet little girl!
    how bad is a stage 3… what does that mean?
    miss you all tons!
    lots of love

  4. We’re so excited! She continues to do well and grow and grow! Almost 3 lbs and then onwards to 4! We keep her and you both in our prayers and our hearts. We’ll say a prayer tomorrow morning. Lots of love.

  5. We continue to pray for Juliana! How many weeks would she be now? So wonderful she’s almost 3 lbs. She is really do so well!

  6. What wonderful news. Maybe she’ll make 3 lbs by Jan 1. I’m curious about what is wrong with her eyes. What does Stage 3 ROP mean? Can you tell us more? We’ll be praying for the surgery.

  7. The Lord is with you and continues to be Juliana’s strength and healer. God is faithful and hears our prayers.

    Wish we were there!
    Our love and prayers are with you.
    Bless you all…

  8. Oh precious baby. I’m glad she only has Stage 3 ROP and so thankful they can do surgery right away. Praying all goes well. Almost 3 pounds!!! Yeah! Suck up some more milk, little baby! Grow and grow! I want to hold you! Love, Grammy

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