Tonight we went Christmas shopping for Juliana. She will have a few presents for Christmas that we will reveal here that day. 😉 Her PICC line was removed today so she only has two oral medications now. Her feeds were increased to 8 ml and she is doing well keeping it down. We spent a little time holding her head and letting her suck on her tiny pacifier. We will kangaroo tomorrow for sure.

7 thoughts on “12/22/09

  1. Atta girl! You’re the little engine that could. Keep chugging along. Praise God for your continued health and progress, sweetie.

  2. Christmas with Juliana, our Miracle Baby! Hope you get it on video so you can show her one day! Have a wonderful day! Thanking God for all the wonderful blessings He is providing for you and Juliana!!! It blesses us also 🙂
    Love to all!!!

  3. Jason, did you know you posted the same message two days in a row? Something must have happened . . .

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