Jen was able to kangaroo with Juliana for an hour and a half this afternoon. She was very comfortable and had great sats the entire time. They were able to wean her oxygen down to 24%. She still has her CPAP mask on, but pressures may be weaned tomorrow to 4. Her fentanyl drip is on the lowest possible level, so she has another day or so at most and then her line gets taken out. Jen and I left early for a holiday party at the Ronald McDonald house this afternoon. The chairman and his family are making a Greek feast for all the families. We are heading all the way home afterwards to take care of a few things and a very lonely kitty.

7 thoughts on “12/21/09

  1. Hope you enjoy your time with Sophie–I’m sure she really misses you. And be assured that we are reading your notes, even if we don’t stop to write a reply.

  2. So happy to hear Juliana is moving around and her leg is healing well! Sounds like she is doing great! We continue to pray for her.:) Give kitty lots of love.:)

  3. You have been in my thoughts and prayers ever since your precious babies were born. I worked in our special care nursery, this weekend, and cared for two little girls. As I was holding them and looking at their tiny features I thought about Juliana and said a special prayer for her and for you. The three of you still have a while until you get to bring her home. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.

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