We visited with Juliana for about an hour this afternoon before we headed off to the football game. She is doing well on the CPAP and with her feeds. They decided not to make any major changes to her over the weekend. We expect that her PICC line will probably come out early this week. Her TPN is done and her fentanyl is almost completely weaned. She was stretching all of her limbs out, even her right leg which freaks me out every time. It must be healing up well for her to move it around so much. The Ravens game was awesome and we had a great time. We bundled up like we were heading onto the ski slopes in Colorado. We stayed warm!

5 thoughts on “12/20/09

  1. Aw, bless her little heart; if she’s moving her leg around, it must be better!! I’m so glad! Can’t wait to see her in a few days.

  2. Oh, such wonderful news. Praise God that she is doing so well. Her leg must definitely be healing. What a wonderful Christmas this will be for the three of you!

  3. It is so nice when they come off their lines! Then you’ll only have to worry about the breathing tubes, and heart, breathing, temp and pulse ox leads. 🙂 But at least no needles! Amazing progress from an amazing little girl. Love!

  4. Yea! Hurray for Juliana! Glad you got to go to the game. We pray for the three of you every day.

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