12/19/09 A light dusting of snow

Jen and I slept in this morning and then waded through the snow to the hospital. Her feeds have increased to 7 ml per hour and she is holding steady on her CPAP. They thought her lungs sounded a little wet so they gave her some Lasik last night. She peed 100 ml in two diapers, which is something like 3 ounces of fluid! Consequently, she lost some weight since yesterday. We were hoping she would hit 3 lbs by Christmas but I’m not sure that will happen now.

10 thoughts on “12/19/09 A light dusting of snow

  1. I hope you guys took some winter clothes in with you yesterday. How much did Baltimore get? And when are you coming back up here? Give me a little notice and I’ll have the cheesecake ready. 🙂

  2. If you drank a quart of water & then stepped on the scale, you’d weigh more,but it wouldn’t be an accurate body weight. I’m sure you are watching the charts for her weight and praying for progress — but while she isn’t weighing as much as you would like, she didn’t “lose weight” — it wasn’t really body weight to begin with. She’ll get there — we’ll just keep praying!! : )

  3. She’s on God’s timetable, which is the best one to be on. Maybe she’ll reach 3 lbs by New Year’s Day. We’ll keep praying that she continues to grow and thrive, and that God will bless her lungs, leg, and eyes. I’m just so thankful that she continues to make progress. Also glad you were in Baltimore and not Hagerstown when the storm hit.

  4. Wow. 7 ml per hour! 🙂 And three pounds is so close! Man, she’s growing fast. Just like my stomach during the holidays…mmmm. Food!

  5. she is getting to be such a big girl! i can’t wait to see her… just a few more days!!! 🙂

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