Family Thanksgiving

Hey Everyone! It was great to see you at Thanksgiving. Here are some pictures from the lovely family photo shoot. I think we have a clear winner….Clyde!!

(Click thumbnail for large picture)

jasonjen.jpg clyde.jpg dogs.jpg

family1.jpg raylaurie.jpg meganbradley1.jpg


8 thoughts on “Family Thanksgiving

  1. Maybe Jason can help my post so that important people (i.e., his own lovely self, Monty) will not be cut out of our pictures!

  2. Umm, I have a question for the Department of Paranormal Sequencing: When I posted my comment about Monty firing his agent, IT WAS THE ONLY ONE! Now, bizarrely, it shows as the THIRD posting, and credits the lovely Jennifer with two posts almost two hours before mine! Then, to add to the oddness, when one analyzes Jennifer’s posts, one gets the weird feeling that even those two appear in reverse order of the way she would most logically have posted them.

    Is it possible that aliens (of the Martian persuasion, as opposed to Mexican) have taken both Jennifer’s mind (causing it work backward) AND this blog itself? And if this is indeed the case, exactly how long will THIS comment remain in fourth position before it is usurped by sequels posing insidiously as prequels? You may take this as a formal request for a full investigation.

  3. I wrote my comments immediately after I posted, because I recognized the problem with the pictures right away. However, for some reason, my comments needed to be moderated by Jason (I guess he has to approve everything I say…), so they didn’t actually post onto the website until he had approved them. However, they maintained their original timestamp. Sorry for the timewarp. I hope that this hasn’t blown your mind!!

  4. Too late, Jennifer (if, indeed, you ARE Jennifer). I’ve come to firmly believe my Martian theory.

  5. By the way, yet another comprehensive review of these photos (and really, can you ever get enough of them?)has led us to consider changing Monty’s name to Rudolph.

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