Juliana had a visit from the Orthopedist and the eye specialist this morning. Her leg is looking good and should be completely healed in a week or so. Her eye test results were good as well. She has Zone 2 Stage 0 ROP. That just means her eyes are immature and they see no problems yet. They will redo the test in two weeks. Her CPAP pressure was turned down to 5 and her feeds moved up to 4 ml per hour. She looks so comfortable in her isolette that I get to thinking she is enjoying this like a vacation. Unlimited pampering and all she can drink!

10 thoughts on “12/14/09

  1. It is so, so good to hear such continued good news. It makes all of us (readers/friends) feel so great that I can’t imagine how joyful you and Jen must be feeling! Reminder Juliana everyday that we are all cheering for her!

  2. What a precious little girl. I’m so thankful she is doing so well. Went shopping for baby clothes at a thrift store today–it’s so much fun to shop for her. Can’t wait to see her in person. Even though she was born weeks ago, she’s like a little Christmas baby. The song “Mary, Did You Know” will never be the same for you. May she continue to grow and thrive; may her eyes be strong and healthy. Merry Christmas!

  3. Aww, I’m so happy to hear good news for Juliana!! Thank for the updates, because Juliana is always in out thoughts and prayers. She’s going to grow quickly now!

  4. It’s amazing her leg will heal so quickly! So thankful! Praying that her eyes will continue to be A.O.K.

  5. it’s funny that you would write “like a vacation”…Jack and I used to say that all the time about Boston…especially when he was under the bili lights for so long…that he looked like he as on the beach tanning. it puts a nice positive spin on things:) I’m so happy that she is doing well…Boston had the immature eye thing for a while and he is perfectly normal now – so things are looking good there:) Merry Christmas to you guys – hopefully we will all get to see a pic of Julianna and Santa soon:)

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