12/13/09 Visitors

We brought the Herr family to Baltimore to visit with Juliana. She is doing very well today on her CPAP. During her cares, we removed her mask and she was happy to just breathe room air at 100% saturation. Her next step would be a little nose tube, but her nose is too small for any of the tubes! We’ll see what happens this week. Her leg looks really great and we are looking forward to a good x-ray tomorrow and a good report from the orthopedist. All in all, a good day!

7 thoughts on “12/13/09 Visitors

  1. Wow! 100% That’s better than most people in the hospital! Way to go Julianna! Love the pictures!

  2. Hey guys! Megan told me she extubated herself! On the up-side, I’m glad she is doing so well on CPAP:) I pray that the vent rollar coaster is short for you guys!! The pics are fantastic:) Keep em coming!! Praying for all three of you!

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