Juliana’s leg looks less swollen today. The orthopedist examined her and readjusted her splint. The team is working on pain management to make sure it doesn’t bother her much. Her periods of bradying are over and she has a good heart rate, breathing rate, and pulse-ox. They turned her rate down to 10, and expect she will be on the continuous “CPAP” starting tomorrow. Her feeds were also ramped up to 2 ml per hour and it is all going down for now. That may seem like a large jump, but remember there are 33.6 ml per ounce! It takes her almost all day to drink one ounce. They will probably increase by 1 ml an hour each day until she goes on normal feeds. Jen and I are picking up the Herrs from the airport shortlyand heading home for the weekend. We will make some day trips down to Baltimore while they are here.

8 thoughts on “12/11/09

  1. I’m so glad things seem to be going more smoothly. I pray she’ll start eating even more. One ounce a day is so little. Seth and I hope to see you sometime this weekend. Tomorrow is my Christmas program craziness, though.

  2. Bless her heart, at least she’s absorbing her milk now. Woohoo! Good girl, Juliana! Love, Grammy

  3. That’s great she’s tolerating her feeding! She’s tiny, so she will get there! Have a nice weekend. Praying for sweet Juliana.:)

  4. Jen,

    I am so glad to hear that Juliana is doing better! I finally caught up with your blog and I wanted to let you and Jason know that my little family is praying for you all continually. You were (in highschool and before) and continue to be an amazing inspiration. *hugs* We love you, and hope that things continue to steadily improve.


  5. I’m home for the holidays and I would love to meet you guys in Baltimore sometime. Let me know what day is best for you. Continue to get big and strong Juliana!!

    lots of love, hugs and prayers!!!

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