12/10/09 Brady

Juliana made it through the night well and continues to use the breathing mask. Jen is holding her right now and she is occasionally making little cries and even sneezed once. She received her last steroid dose this morning. The steroids have depressed her heart rate some so she is hovering between 95 and 130. Under 100 is technically a bradycardia so the alarms are going off frequently. They may turn the lower alarm down to 90 so it isn’t constantly beeping. Her oxygenation is 97-100 and her lungs are clear with no apnea. We are having an enjoyable time even with the klaxons. Her feeds have been ramped up from 0.4 ml per hour to 0.8 ml per hour! They are very happy with her progress and I’m looking forward to her rapid growth.

Update: Her leg looks swollen compared to yesterday. The fellow checked it out and ruled out holding her until her leg looks better. My guess is Monday since that is when Ortho will x-ray and check her progress.

9 thoughts on “12/10/09 Brady

  1. Holy smokes! That’s awesome. 🙂 She looks so much bigger in the picture you posted a couple days ago.

  2. We are so happy to read this good report. I pray that all reports will be happy from now on.

  3. Wow, what terrific progress. You just may walk in one of these mornings and find her up and about playing in her isolette 🙂 It is so great to hear that things are progressing so well!!!!

  4. ooooh, just when you were getting to hold her more, now you have to wait again. I’m so sorry. I know it has to be hard. Wish I were there! Love, Mommy

  5. Wow! The two-step-forward days (and one-step back — ouchie leg) make it easier to bear the two-step-backward days. What an amazing little girl.

  6. That’s great news with her feeds and tolerating bipap! Sorry you can’t hold her.:( read her lots of stories and lay your hands on her little soft head. We continue to pray!!!! Praying specifically for her leg to heal nicely, and soon!

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