12/09/09 Extubate

Sometimes matters are taken into one’s own hand, like Juliana’s for instance. She extubated herself at 7 AM, right at shift change. Instead of reintubating her one day before the planned extubation, they went ahead and put her on the bi-PAP. She is doing very well on it 8 hours into it. We will see at about 3 whether Jen can hold her today.

13 thoughts on “12/09/09 Extubate

  1. What a wonderfully strong-willed child. I see she takes after her Aunt Katie in more ways than one! I can’t wait to see you again, Juliana. Stay strong. Love you and your Mom and Dad.

  2. Go Juliana! You know when it’s time to move on to the next step. Dear Father, please strengthen her lungs, help her to keep growing and thriving!

  3. WHAT! She is out of control…

    Hope she does well and gets a chance to work her lungs out for a while.

  4. Oh, precious Juliana! I know you don’t like that thing in your throat, but sometimes we have to do what we don’t like. Welcome to life on the outside. Love you! Grammy

  5. Wow!! You’ll never be able to say she doesn’t know what she wants! We are praying for her (and you) as she grows bigger and stronger.

  6. Guess she was done with that!! Glad she’s doing well on the bi-pap! We are still praying and rooting for Juliana!!

  7. Bless her heart, she is saying enough is enough !!! Prayers for her today. I loved the pic you posted yesterday. Daily prayers for all 3 of you. Jen, you are trully missed, all of you are in constant prayers by the kids at school. Much love.


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