12/07/09 1Kg

Juliana continues to wean well on the ventilator, with her rate turned down to 20 and her pressures to 14 over 4. We spoke with the new attending, Dr. Viscardi, for a few minutes this afternoon. The plan is to keep weaning her down to around 15 for her rate and then to give her a quick course of steroids before they try to put her on the Bi-PAP again later this week. Her thinking is that there is a potential narrowing her trachea below her vocal cords from irritation caused by intubation. Steroids would reduce the inflammation and cause her to breathe easier. So, that is the plan going forward. Her feeds were increased to 0.4 ml per hour continuously so we are hoping she will tolerate that well and begin to gain in size and strength. Her current weight is 1020 grams, so she weighs a little over 1 Kilogram (2 lbs, 4 oz)! This afternoon, both Jen and I had a chance to kangaroo with her. I held her for about 45 minutes and then traded off with Jen for 45 minutes. We have come home for the night to take care of a few things tomorrow, but should be heading back tomorrow.

A word about names . . . (from Jen)
We have received many comments and questions about the babies’ names, and I thought I’d address the topic here.

Juliana Skye: It was our desire to choose names that are unique but not too weird. We didn’t want our children to be burdened with hard-to-spell or -pronounce names. However, we have already had some confusion with Juliana’s name. So, to clarify for everyone out there: her name is pronounced like the two names “Julie” and “Anna” put together, NOT like Juli-ahna. I guess the spelling has caused confusion as well. We chose to spell her name with one “n” instead of two. We’re also not crazy about shortening her name at this point. We are calling her Juliana with no nicknames. Her middle name, Skye, is after the Isle of Skye in northern Scotland which we visited several years ago with Paul and Alita. It’s a lovely place; you should travel there if you get a chance, recently voted “4th best island in the world by National Geographic magazine,” according to the Isle of Skye website.

Zoe Janine: Zoe’s middle name is after my sister Karen Janeen (although spelled differently). We’ll see them both very soon in heaven.

Eden Aurelia: We just thought this name was beautiful. I guess it’s fitting that the next time we see her, we will be in the new earth–the perfectly recreated Garden of Eden.

Thanks again to everyone for following the website updates. We continue to receive strength and encouragement from your comments and prayers. We may be able to post a photo again tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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  1. I’m glad to hear that Juliana is growing! The names you picked for your girls are very beautiful. I’m glad that you clarified Juliana’s name because I was pronouncing it wrong. I can’t wait to meet her!

    lots of love, hugs and prayers

  2. Glad to hear the positive progress!!!

    Not sure if Mark told you but both Juliana and Zoe were names on our list for Anna. I love the name Juliana and loved the idea of the nickname Jules…But I really wanted Lorriane as the middle name since it was my mom’s middle name and my grandmother’s first name. Mark didn’t like how Juliana Lorriane sounded (even though I still like it!). Anyway, she was named Emma Lorriane, then changed to Ella Grace and then left the hospital as Emma Lorriane (all changed each time on the submitted birth certificate!). Then on the way home, decided on Anna since she was born on our Anniversary.

    I’m so impressed how you guys came up with 3 beautiful names for your girls! I love each one — thanks for sharing!

    Hope to see you guys soon!

  3. I love your name change story, Jenn! We do like the idea of the nickname Jules and we were thinking that we might use that as she gets older, maybe especially as a teenager. We’ll see what she likes once she gets old enough to have an opinion. 🙂 Anna for your anniversary is really sweet. Thanks for sharing your story too!

  4. Our little girl weighed 2lbs. 4oz when she was born! She is really growing. Sounds like she is continuing to do well. My four children and I pray for her in our prayer circle and hold hands every morning! Baby Juliana is being prayed for everywhere! Our little girl Hailey is 21 months and taking her first steps on her own today! Finally a little “walker,” and a miracle. God answers prayers still!
    I do feel certain that Jesus is on his way, and not much longer to be with your precious Eden and Zoe.

  5. Franke and I have been to the Isle of Skye…and had Nathan been a girl, “Skye” would have been his middle name as well! The island truly is an exquisite work of art…straight from the Father’s hands…just like Juliana!

    Praying every day for all of you!

  6. Ditto Sandra’s comment – I was saying Juliana’s name wrong and than just won’t do. It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Hope to see you guys over Christmas!



  7. Baby naming is so hard, and you guys picked some beauties for your beauties. It wasn’t until after Carter was born and named that we were singing the name game song… go ahead, try it… Poor little guy. 🙂 Still like the name, though.

  8. I think the “Anna” “Aahna” mix-up happens no matter whether you put 1 n or 2. People get confused sometimes with our Julianna and it has 2 n’s.(And we pronounce it “anna”) I was pronouncing your Juliana wrong — glad you clarified. We still don’t shorten her name & she’s seven. (We do call her LuLu sometimes — Lu is her middle name – after the orphanage director that found her.)

    Continuing to pray for all of you…

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