12/05/09 Intubate

The phone rang at 3; never a good sign. They had to reintubate Juliana and put her back on the ventilator. Her lungs were not expanding as well and she was getting tired. They will wean her down and give it another try in a few days. Her rate is 26 on 23% oxygen, pressure 15 over 5. Additionally, they have stopped her feeds for the day. Last night she had 5ml in her stomach left over. They would like to see her bowels move to make sure everything is flowing correctly. So, today is a minor setback. I will get to kangaroo later this afternoon, which I am looking forward to greatly.

10 thoughts on “12/05/09 Intubate

  1. Whatever is best for Juliana is what we want. God knows what she needs and we are confident that He is directing her care. We realize that she is still very fragile. She is so courageous and gives her best efforts! We look forward to every new day, every new bit of progress and praying along the way. Hang in there Juliana, you did good! Daddy is going to cuddle you today – that will bless and comfort you I am sure! This will be a high Sabbath for you Jason. Enjoy!

    Love to all!

  2. That little angel has spunk. Minor setback aside, she has a Father who is watching over her, listening, guiding, yes, although it may not seem like it, He is protecting her. What plans does He have for this little one? What plans for her Mommy and Daddy? To build faith and trust? There are many plans to be sure, and they are perfect, according to His good will. Hold fast!! We love you and can’t wait to hold her and kiss her little cheek!!

  3. What a special baby. She has worked so hard to get this far! We’ll just keep praying that God will help her to grow and thrive. He has a timetable and He’ll help her to reach each milestone at just the right time. I know it must seem like you take one step backward for every two steps forward, but someday this will all be in the past and she’ll be playing in the snow in your yard in Hagerstown. Hard to imagine, isn’t it?

  4. Such a rollercoaster, but sounds like her settings are low. My daughter was placed back on the vent for three days and the next time they took her off she did well. So like you said, a minor setback. Praying for her all the time!!!

  5. Try not to be too discouraged. My girl was on a ventilator when she was an infant, and weaning off is a very back and forth experience, exciting one day and frustrating the next. It will happen eventually … those little lungs have to grow and get stronger. Your daughter is doing great! You’ll look at her someday and ask yourself “is this active child the same child as that tiny, immobile infant?!” Amazing!

  6. Such improvements…but even potty training means a few s (or setbacks) in the progress every now and then. We’re still praying for your family. Juliana is doing so well and has made incredible progress…and she is continuously in many prayers/thoughts…and God is watching out for her, personally!

  7. Glad Dad and I got to see you Kangaroo with Juliana before we left the NICU last night. Juliana looked so content and peaceful. It was a real blessing to us to see her Daddy have his special moment with his tiny baby girl. Thank you both so much.

    We will miss all of you and will be planning our next visit very soon! God bless you all and keep you in His care!

    Love you! 🙂

    Miss you already!

  8. Dearest J, J & J 🙂

    The 2-step back days are tough on the heart. But she’s cleared so many hurdles, she’s just stepping back to get a running start over this one. Courage! There aren’t that many more NICU hurdles ahead of you (feeding, temp, air), just agonizing time improved with cuddles. 🙂


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