Jen and I have been taking care of some items at home today, but my parents have been watching over Juliana all day. Most of her settings this morning were much the same. After my parents arrived, my mom noticed that Juliana looked like she was upset and crying, probably hurting from her broken leg. Her fentanyl had been weaned down to 3, so they increased it and gave her some Versed and she settled down quickly. We are happy that while we are home we have someone there to look after her. We’re not sure whether we are heading back tonight or in the morning. Tomorrow we will try to do kangaroo care with her. We are a little nervous about her leg, but the resident last night assured us that the benefit of holding her outweighs any risk of further damaging her leg. It will be good to see her again!

9 thoughts on “12/03/09

  1. I met your Mom on Monday, Jason. Glad your folks are there to help you watch over Juliana.

  2. Glad you’re getting a little rest. Tell Juliana “hi” for me. Still praying for you.

  3. Poor baby! This is such a difficult introduction to the real world. I’m glad your parents are there, so you could have a little break.

    Father, please bless little Juliana. Help her to sleep peacefully tonight, take away the pain, hold her close to Your heart. May extra angels surround her little isolette and keep her safe till morning.

  4. AMEN to your prayer,Shirley! I agree, she has had a rough time of it. Glad I could watch over her today! It was a busy NICU with 2 new arrivals. Seven babies including Juliana and her mom commented that Juliana is the oldest and yet the smallest! She may be little but she sure is spunky and I like that! Love her, love her, love her!!!

  5. I’m just glad you were there to watch over her. Wish I could be there to see her and maybe touch her. Maybe we can arrange a trip up there from TN. I’m looking forward to the time when she’ll be big enough for us all to hold her and give her all the love we’re saving up. I’m so glad for all the family and friends who are walking with Jen and Jason on this difficult path.

  6. I just wanted to let you both know that I’m praying for you, my family and my OTA classmates are as well. We hope that Juliana’a leg heals fast and that she continues to do better. I hope to meet her someday soon. You both are very special people and I know God will bless you and be with you through this journey. Love you,
    Ashley McCulloch

  7. I always found it so hard to leave my baby girl! So nice your mom can be there. Praying for her to not be in pain. So exciting she got moved to CPAP!! Mommy and daddy are the best “medicine” for her. Enjoy your cuddle time.;)
    Monica and Jeff

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