12/02/09 X-ray

Something is going on with Juliana’s right leg. Jen’s sharp eyes and protective instincts noticed that her leg was sticking out at an odd angle. Juliana had just spent almost 2 hours on Jen sleeping really well and was returned to her isolette when Jen noticed. The resident stopped in and felt her leg and agreed that something felt off about it. They are sending X-ray up to scan her leg shortly. Update when we learn more. (Also, I figured out how to update with my Blackberry, so I can do bedside reports now!)

Update: X-ray taken 10 minutes ago, should get preliminary results around 8:30. Juliana doesn’t appear to be in any discomfort, but her leg is bent and to the right, somewhat like a frog’s leg. It is discomfiting to look at.

Her right femur is broken. No real “event” anyone can point to. Ortho will be up tonight to set the break and put her leg in a splint. With her rapid growth, it should heal rapidly. We feel upset anyways.

Orthopedist did a great job setting her femur and putting on a splint. We’re hitting the sack.

19 thoughts on “12/02/09 X-ray

  1. Precious Juliana! God bless you sweet pea. So glad you could cuddle with mommy today. Love and miss you!

  2. Praying it’s nothing serious. Glad mommy got to cuddle her today.
    Monica and Jeff

  3. Praying the Lord will give her strength to get through any discomfort. She has been through so much. I hope you push for an explaination as to how this could have happened. I cannot imagine how she could sustain such an injury, but I am open to hearing their explanation and how they came to that conclusion. Sorry, but Momma Bear’s fur is a bit ruffled at this point. Be strong Juliana. I know you are. I love and miss you very much. Looking forward to my next visit. Love you all!

  4. Lord Jesus please be with Juliana and help her to be brave and courageous. Give her strength, peace and calm. Provide her the best care and direct all that is done for her highest good I pray, Amen.

  5. WHAT!! Oh no. Poor Juliana. Good eye Jen, you are a good mommy! I hope it heals well and correctly. This is crazy… how could this have happened? Maybe all her ‘weaseling about’

  6. This is very odd–but then you already knew that. What a shame! The NICU staff there is so great and they have taken such good care of her that I’m sure you are reluctant to make an issue of this, but one does wonder why it took Jennifer to notice this when the nurse who hovers over her continuously did not.

    I’m sorry you have yet another problem to deal with. But we know now that Juliana is a strong one, and I expect this will be overcome quickly.

  7. Prayers for quick healing. I’m sorry you are feeling upset. I am, too! We don’t like to see our children hurt!

    Hugs to you all!

  8. That is so strange. How could this happen? I’m so glad you noticed, Jen. It must have been very painful for her, but I’m glad it has been taken care of. We will pray extra that it will heal correctly and she’ll have no residual effects. Love you both, and baby too!

  9. Poor little Juliana! It does seem kind of crazy that they didn’t notice it. But I’m sure it will be fine. Remember Zach’s little arm was broken when he was born, but it didn’t seem to cause him any pain at all and it healed very quickly and now even with an x-ray you would never, ever know it was broken. The bones heal so quickly and very straight. I am sure she will be completely fine.

  10. Glad to hear things are progressing. I pray for continued improvement and God’s strength for the two of you. Blessings to the family and Merry Christmas.

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