12/01/09 Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my mom today! Juliana is doing great this afternoon. We had lunch with our friend Jim and introduced him to her today. Her respirator has been turned down again to 24 and her fentanyl is down to 5. She is tolerating all of this really well. There is some expectation that she will be able to move off of the ventilator and into a bi-phasic CPAP within a week or so. This will make it much easier to take her out of her isolette and her positioning will be much less precarious. We will be taught how to take her out on our own, which means much more cuddle time. I spent an hour and a half with her on my chest this afternoon. She got very comfortable quickly, but I could occasionally feel her little tongue on my chest. She loves to chew on her tube! The other interesting news is that she is over 2 lbs in weight today. Some of that may be a little excess liquid, but it is clear that she is getting bigger fast. The milk that they have given her throughout today has stayed down, so digestion must be starting up. We are having a good day.

13 thoughts on “12/01/09 Happy Birthday

  1. We’re so excited for your family. It’s a great relief to hear Juliana’s doing so well. Those little things you’re noticing about her (checking out her environment with her tongue and nibbling on the tubing around her) are very precious memories…worth treasuring.
    We continue praying for Juliana’s improvements and your endurance. May God also grant you a most wonderful Christmas this year as well.

  2. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to read today’s update. Last night I was wondering how much Juliana weighs….I was thinking she should be about 2 pounds by now – congratulations on her milestones!!

  3. We are so happy with the good news of the past few days. May God continue to bless Juliana.

  4. Yay for baby J! I’m so happy that she is doing so well. Keep up the good work Juliana!!

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Missed you all today. This report was the best birthday gift ever! So wonderful to hear how Juliana is growing and getting that much closer to being free of that ventilator. Little Baby steps! You’re such a big girl Juliana! Nana is proud of you!

    Thanks Jason for giving me the task of washing Juliana’s preemie clothes. They are so darn cute! It will be fun to one day see her in them 🙂 Have a good night. See you soon!

  6. Jason & Jen,

    So much exciting news all in one post! We are glad to hear of Juliana’s continued progress. God is so good. We continue to keep you all in our prayers. Sending hugs to you all! I love all the pictures you post – makes me wish I could see her in person.

  7. All fantastic news!! I’m certain all the prayers are helping, and of course all the cuddling.;) I am so happy to hear such good news. Of course we are still praying!!
    Monica and Jeff

  8. What wonderful news! We are so grateful to God for each little milestone she reaches. I’m so glad she is drinking milk and spending lots of time snuggling in mommy and daddy’s arms. She’ll really start growing now! Maybe she’ll get to three pounds by Christmas. We continue to pray for all three of you.

  9. Hey Jason (and Jen by proxy)

    I’m so glad to hear the good news on the little one. I included our wedding website in case you wanted to take a look! Again, so glad to hear about Juliana’s progress. Keep in touch

  10. That’s wonderful news! Sounds like she is doing awesome. So happy for you guys that things are going well. Enjoy!

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