I was surprised this morning to find that Juliana’s vent settings had changed from 38 to 28 breaths per minute. Her blood-gas was excellent which gave them the confidence to make that big change. She is breathing a lot more on her own and isn’t riding the vent as much. She was given some blood during the day to help with her crit levels. She doesn’t get blood as often as she did, so that is a good change. She had a stool this morning which decreased her belly size some. The x-ray just showed coils of gas, so she just needs to move some more meconium out of her system. My cousin Dina came and visited us this afternoon and we got to watch Juliana in her isolette. She wiggled around quite a bit for us. We’re looking forward to Jen being able to visit the NICU tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “11/29/09

  1. Praise God for His tender care towards Juliana. She is in great hands and I thank the Lord for directing all her care. So thankful for the great news. Our little one is making good strides! Glad you will be able to see her tomorrow Jen. Tell her that Nana and Papa love her and will see her soon!

  2. Awww, she pooed! haha. Glad to hear it was just gas. 🙂 And very happy to hear Jen is doing better, too!

  3. The news just keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait until we get to meet her in person.

  4. All such good news. So much for which to be thankful – every day. Continuing to pray for improvement and to the day you can take her home with you.

  5. Good girl! You made a poopie! Mom and Dad will get all excited again in about 2 years when you make a poopie in the potty! Stay tuned, Juliana, life if gonna be such fun!

    Love, hugs, and kisses, Grammy

  6. Good to hear the good news. How much does she weigh now. Juliana is a fighter. I continue to pray for her.

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