Because of Jen’s continued low fever, she sat out from the NICU today. I spent a few hours with Juliana this afternoon, about one and a half in kangaroo care. She relaxed a little too much from the slightly damp spot on my shirt and chest after we were finished. 😛 I didn’t mind. Her rate has stayed steady at 38 though they have turned her pressure up to 15 over 5. Her blood gas has been okay, but not enough to warrant weaning yet today. Her belly is a little big, measuring 22 cm around. They considered giving her some milk today, but her usual waist size is around 20, so they want to make sure they know what is going on there before they add a new variable to the equation. They will be doing a routine x-ray on her abdomen to check out what might be going on. Her color is good and her abdomen is soft so there is no immediate cause for concern. Tomorrow I will probably get to kangaroo with her again. Jen is going to have to sit it out until her fever goes away for 24 hours. No fun for her but it is the safest choice for Juliana.

8 thoughts on “11/28/09

  1. Glad to hear you were able to hold her today, Jason. She really bonded with her daddy – ha! You are hers forever now!

    Hang in there Jen! Get the rest you need and you will soon be holding your sweet daughter.

    Miss and love you all ~

  2. Those crazy fevers are no good! Also, tell me it was slobber and not something else. lol 😉 When will you know about her tummy?

  3. You’re actually a little behind the curve, dad. Jennifer wet on me the very first time I held her.

  4. poor jen. get well soon.

    jason, sounds like you’re getting lots of fun time with your sweet baby… i love it!

  5. Get well soon Mrs. Payne! I’m glad that you are able to get some bonding time with your baby girl Mr. Payne 🙂 the thanksgiving picture from yesterday is ADORABLE!!! What a pretty little girl. I can’t wait to meet her!

    Lots of love, hugs and prayers

  6. Jason, guess you’ve been initiated! Welcome to parenthood!
    Jen, what’s with the fever? Once again you have to stay away from your baby. I know that’s really, really hard, especially since you’ve been able to do Kangaroo care. I pray you are healed quickly so you can get back to your precious baby. SEE YOU SOON! Love, Mommy

  7. Hey there. Look forward to seeing you all today. Have to bring the kiddos so we won’t be able to stay long. I’ll give you guys a call in a bit! Dina

  8. That’s one of the most amazing parts of parenthood. You really don’t mind having pee, poop, and/or snot all over you! So happy you shared that little tidbit! It gave us a laugh! Enjoy holding your sweet little girl today and I hope Jen is feeling better!

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