Jen and I are preparing to head back down to Baltimore, but we got an update over the phone. Surpisingly, they were able to turn her vent settings down from 46 to 38 breaths per minute. They also decreased her pressures from 15 over 5 to 14 over 4, basically less force going into her lungs. They will be starting her on caffeine soon, or what I call “Baby Starbucks”. This will help her get off the vent soon. Everything has been holding steady, so we are looking forward to seeing her tonight. I have a little Thanksgiving treat for everyone:


Authentic Native American headdress, courtesy Aunt Katie

14 thoughts on “11/27/09

  1. Well, Kindergarden will have nothing on Juliana! Pilgrims and Indians? Been there, done that!

  2. hahahahaha!!!! She looks so great! Also, Baby Starbucks? A girl after my own heart…

    @Justin: DORK. lol

  3. Too, too CUTE! Guess we’d better keep an eye on that Auntie Katie, never know what she might teach your little one.

    Baby Starbucks! Alright! Sorry Meegee.

  4. I just love that cute head dress. It is so adorable on her. Thanks again for the updates!

  5. love. it. ‘baby starbucks’ is great too, we just need to teach her to like chai instead of coffee 😉

    nice job katie… very cute idea.

  6. She’s so CUTE! Looks like she’s smoking a peace pipe. Her equipment is totally part of the costume. I’m really glad you guys got to have such a thankful Thanksgiving. =)

  7. Well, Katie obviously hasn’t changed much over the years! LOL! That is so cute! Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!


  8. I love this!! What a precious site to see..thank you for sharing. Our prayers are ever flowing for all of you…Julianna, the doctors, the nurses, her mommy and daddy, and grandparents, and all her extended family all over the States!! Hold fast.

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