11/26/09 Turkey Day

We spent a little time with Juliana this afternoon before heading all the way home for Thanksgiving. She continues to do well. Her vent pressure was turned down to 15 over 5 and her oxygen continues to be in the 20-30s. They are slowly weaning her rate of respiration every 12 hours. While we were there, they turned it down from 46 to 44 breaths per minute. They hope to continue with this until they can get it into the 20s and get her off the vent. She also will go on some caffeine soon to get her ready to breathe on her own. Her blood pressure has held steady, and if it continues, we may see the start of some feeding soon. It very much feels like we’re moving into a new phase for her care and growth. Feels good.

11 thoughts on “11/26/09 Turkey Day

  1. So thankful that Julianna’s doing well. I’m currently enjoying a ‘caffeine treatment’ myself. Very happy that you daughter has the privilege of starting young!

    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. I’m glad that Juliana is doing well after her surgery. Such a strong and beautiful baby girl. Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thinking about you guys!!

    lots of love, hugs and prayers

  3. We’re so glad to hear her progress, and are still praying for your family. God is so good.

  4. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sounds like things are going well for Juliana. Praise God! You have much to be Thankful for this year.

  5. yay! very exciting. i can’t wait to see her again… i’m sure she will look so much bigger to me yet again 🙂 love you lots.

  6. Wonderful news, you guys. I’m so happy to hear things are moving steadily in the right direction. Keeping you all in my prayers.

  7. We’re happy to hear you’ve had a lovely Thanks-Giving Day…may you have many, many more! :0) The Perry’s

  8. So grateful for the wonderful news! A Thanksgiving to remember. We love you and continue to pray for the three of you J’s.

  9. Woohoo! Just think, in a couple years, you’ll have someone else to cook turkey for…2 year olds can eat meat, right? lol.

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