So many things to be thankful for this year . . .

–a beautiful, precious, perfect little miracle baby Juliana
–the most wonderful and supportive husband ever
–amazing family members who regularly call, comment, and drive long distances to visit us and take care of us: we love you all
–our second family, the Howes, who are always here for us
–loving friends who constantly call, text, and visit. Alita, Jamie, Meredith, Nikki, and Cara: your continual encouragement gives me strength. Stephen and Robby, thanks for being you.
–friends from all over (even Ireland–thanks Gleesons, Sarah, Lesa, Maire, Tom, Claire, etc.) who have uplifted us with their kind words, thoughts, and prayers. Thanks Monica, Susan, and others for sharing your experiences. There are so many of you, but each of you has touched us with your support.
–our supportive and exceptionally generous church and school community: you have let us know that we are not alone, even when family is far away. The food and house cleaning has been such a blessing to us. Thanks especially to Sheri, Louann, and Sergio for constantly checking to see what we need. Thanks also to Jesse and Tarah for being willing to do whatever we need while we are away from the house.
–everyone at UltraCamp who has been working extra hard to make it possible for Jason to be with me and Juliana through all this. Dan, Adam, Alex, and Dave: you guys are awesome!
–my dear students who keep sending me cards and emails. I miss you a lot, and I appreciate your notes.
–an amazing medical team here at the University of Maryland. The doctors have been great and the NICU nurses are wonderful, especially Deborah, Renee, Rachel, Jenny, Michelle, Jen, Jane, Julie, and Iris. Cheryl has also been especially helpful to me personally. We love you all!
–a loving God who hears and answers prayers and continues to bless us, even when we don’t always understand His answers and blessings
–the hope of heaven and the reunion with our precious children Eden and Zoe, as well as other dear loved ones

Thanksgiving will never be the same for us. We’re thankful for so many things, and the presence of our miracle baby has given us an entirely new perspective on life. Thanks to everyone who has helped us (and continues to help us) cope with this experience.

Lots of love,

11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Well, we are SO thankful to God for the three of YOU! And no, the Howes are way too far away from you right now for our liking! But, we are happy to be together and will hope to see you soon. . .cheers for Juliana!

    Love, e.

    PS Ansley has announced a 5 K turkey trot tomorrow morning. And we are having an organ concert by Alban and Thanksgiving readings by Phil in the evening. These things won’t be the same without you (Thanksgiving dinner either)!

  2. Dear Jen, what a lot you have to be thankful for! I’m amazed at your strength and positive attitude, considering all you have been thru in the last few weeks. May God continue to hold you in His hands and give you comfort and courage for the days ahead.

    Can’t wait to see you, Jason, and precious Juliana next week! Love and blessings, Mommy

  3. I am thankful for a very special granddaughter, Juliana, who will one day learn the meaning of this past month for her extended family and many friends who have come to care about her very much. But I am also thankful for a daughter and son-in-law who, as if anyone would have doubted it, have demonstrated what amazingly strong and courageous people they are.

  4. Our family has been following the ups and downs of your little family and have been praying daily for all of you. We are celebrating the miracles of our Reid and Niki and add you all to our celebration as well this Thanksgiving. Our prayers will continue until Juliana is home with you. What a beautiful miracle she is!! Blessing to all of you.

  5. We are thankful that you get to celebrate this Thanksgiving with Juliana, and feel blessed to call you and your family our friends. Many blessings to you today!

  6. Dear Jen and Jason,
    What a beautiful Thanksgiving thankyou. Your strength and courage is amazing! It brought tears to my eyes, because I know it is God that gives you strength, and your precious Juliana is a little miracle. Our daughters birth completely changed me forever, because I will forever know how much God loves His children on earth. What a wonderful reunion Heaven will be! May you have a peaceful Thanksgiving day, and we continue to pray for Juliana to grow stronger and bigger each day.
    Monica and Jeff

  7. We are so very thankful for all of you and for the strength you have shown over the past few weeks. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Jen & Jason, We love you so much and you know we would do anything for you! Happy Thanksgiving, Juliana!

  9. I’m sooo thankful for Julianna! And how good that God picked you two to be her parents! I love you both!

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