11/25/09 Recovery

Juliana has been recovering well today. Her blood pressure has improved considerably, so they took her off of the dopamine early this afternoon. Her blood gases have been excellent all day, so they may have the option to wean her rate slightly. Her fentanyl has also been turned down slightly and she has opened her eyes a few times to look at us. We’re very happy with how she is doing! We will be staying the night and visiting her tomorrow morning and then we’ll go home for some turkey dinner!

4 thoughts on “11/25/09 Recovery

  1. Great news, hope you rest well tonight and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. Prayers will continue!

  2. Exactly what we wanted to hear. Enjoy your time with Juliana and we will see you tomorrow for that turkey dinner! We have Christmas casserole for Jen! Sleep well and give our grand baby some extra lovin’ from her Nana and Papa. See you soon! Love you all!

  3. Way to go, Juliana! What a little trooper you are! I’m sure you are going to grow and develop at a rapid rate now. Can’t wait to see you! Will you open your eyes and look at me? I’ll sing to you again like I did when you were only days old, and maybe you’ll remember me. I love you more than words can say!! Lovingly, Grammy

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