11/24/09 Success!

Surgery was a big success! More details later, we’re going to take a nap now!

Now for more detail. The surgery went fairly quickly. They made an incision in Juliana’s left side and closed her PDA with a titanium clip. We were able to see an x-ray later and it quite obvious in her chest. She will have this little piece of metal in her body for the rest of her life. After surgery, her vent settings were really mild which suprised us and the NICU staff. Since then, they have had to increase her support and make sure that she remains sedated and comfortable throughout the day. This evening her blood pressure was looking low, so they have started her on a dopamine drip to manage that. My parents were able to watch over her while Jen and I napped and we are glad that they are here. For tonight, the goal is to keep her sedation high and manage her blood pressure. So far, no surgical complications. We are done for the night and will try to rest for tomorrow.

35 thoughts on “11/24/09 Success!

  1. WONDERFUL! You guys were on my mind all afternoon yesterday as I drove to Nashville and back. You know, I think I feel better now! I may take a nap too!

  2. So glad to hear that! Prayers will continue. Hope you guys have an especially happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Praise the Lord! We had special prayer last night about this and I am so relieved to hear that it went well. Enjoy your nap! It is well deserved! Hugs to you all!

  4. Praise God and Happy Thanksgiving! Lord, thank you for holding Julianna in your Hands and guiding the hands of the medical team! Thanks you too for the great kangaroo time; it is so comforting for everyone. Please keep that coming and helping this precious baby grow, grow, grow!

    Isn’t Ronald McDonald House cool! We appreciate these smaller blessings too.

  5. So glad everything went well with Juliana’s surgery. We were praying for you all morning long. Thanks for letting me visit yesterday. I was so glad to see all three of you:)

  6. In this season of Thanksgiving, another reason to be grateful for an all powerful God! Get some well deserved rest, God is watching over you all.

  7. Sleep well, my friends : ) What a joyous Thanksgiving we will have! Continuing to pray… Love you

  8. Praise God for His mercy. So many prayers, so much love and caring from so many. Our sweet grandaughter opened her eyes and winked at me and her Papa today. It was our first time seeing her with her eyes open! We told her “you are suppose to be napping!” Ha! She is a tough girl and is doing her best to get through these rough moments. When we left her tonight, she looked so sweet and peaceful. God is so good and I know that He will be watching over her and providing everything she needs. Praise Him!

  9. “How precious is Your loving kindness O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings.”

    Psalm 36:7

  10. I have so much happiness in my heart after reading today’s update. Yay and hooray. And so much more gladness. I look forward to seeing you guys next week!

  11. praise the Lord!! So happy the surgery was a success…hopefully they can wean her support back down…keep up the kangaroo care (not that I need to encourage that;)) research shows it is sooooo good for the babies and the parents;) thinking of you in this season of thanksgiving….I pray that you both can experience a relief (however temporary) from the stresses of the very complicated situation you are in…and give thanks with a lighter heart…We are praying for strength for you both and little Juiliana:)

  12. I’m so grateful and relieved! I’m glad that things are going well.

    lots of hugs, love and prayers

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