This morning Juliana’s nurse handed me the stethoscope to listen to Juliana’s heart. I could hear a quiet whooshing sound along with the beating of her heart. It is clear that her PDA is still open, we just won’t find out how much until her echo tomorrow morning. I spent the afternoon with our friend Corey, another father in the NICU, at the Ravens game. The stadium is just blocks away and we were given very nice seats by a friend of his. It was a great game and a way to get out of the bubble of the NICU. When we returned, I found Jen and Juliana cozily snuggled in a chair. They were able to kangaroo for around 2 hours and then we came back to the Ronald McDonald House for dinner. We are anxiously awaiting our meeting tomorrow afternoon with the cardiologist to make the best decision for Juliana.

4 thoughts on “11/22/09

  1. Glad you all had a good day! Juliana had some Mommy time today – how awesome for her and Jen. Looking forward to seeing all of you! Sending you lots of love and saying many prayers!

  2. I know the holy spirit will guide all the decisions. I saw her picture, she is an adorable little girl. Just believe all is well in Jesus name.

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